I have been suffering from type 2 diabetes for fifteen years now; my age is sixty now. My diabetes control has been poor, satisfactory, good etc at different points of time. I have been on glucophage 850 mg three times a day. I use sugarfree. I am a strict vegetarian and have included active oats, nutrients for diabetics in the past couple of years, miss a meal now and then. Now a days, I watch to feel enough hunger and take care I just eat enough. I do not over eat just to not-waste food. My sugar level has never exceeded 280 mg/dl (normally 150-230 mg/dl ).

I have the following queries:

- I am overweight at 90 kgs. Can't it be said that my body really needs higher sugar level than prescribed for a standard weight adult?

- Is there any risk at this sugar level? Does it make sense, I cloud my mind with diabetes worries?

-I guess what I miss most is insufficient oxygen intake, due to nasal blockade etc. and that is the reason for my overweight/lack of freshness. I feel my whole body will get better rejuvenated continuously with obstructed fresh air intake, more than controlling my diet alone? Is there a prescription for this other than yoga and excercises?

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