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doubt regarding insulin sensitivity and insulin secretion

whenever i ate my meal the blood sugar spikes to 150-160 mg/dl after 2 hrs(pp). and it comes down to normal value to 94 mg/dl after 5-6 hrs of having a meal. i have 2 doubts, if my body is insulin resistive means,,my body have enuf insulin ,,,than why this blood glucose value degrades after 5 hrs,,,,and if my beta cells does not producing insulin than in that case also this value shud not degrades...pls explain it clearly. very thankful to u

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From what you've written, it appears that you are producing enough insulin, and if you start to reduce your carbohydrate intake (that is causing the high pp blood glucose) by having some natural fat instead, will be able to prevent worsening of insulin resistance and consequently type 2 diabetes.

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yes doctor diagnosed me 8 months back with hba1c 8.9 mg/dl


What medication are you on? I'm a type 1 and had a similar issue and a switch in insulin from Novarapid to Apidra helped sort it for me. If you're type 2, carb control, increase in some form of protein intake / morning exercise (high intensity/strength training) would help. A walk doesn't do it.


I am also feeling the same experience. I am taking Lantus Insulin 10 units after food in the night with Glynase MF . I will eat 2 chapatis in the night. When I checked my FBS in the morning the reading of BS will run from 130 to 150 and after tiffin (after 2 hours) the blood sugar level will be 260. I am taking Gliptin and Glynase MF in the morning. After 2 hours of this my blood sugar will decrease to 120 to 130. I am diabetics for more than 15 years. Please clarify me how this is possible.


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