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How to control PPBS

Today I took paneer doda and vijaysar soaking both separately in glass of water and consumed. Following is the result that I got with Glucose meter after consuming 3 chapati of normal wheat.

Date: 04-11-2014,

After 1/2 hr. ---------- 135 (GM)

After 1 hr.------------- 164 (GM)

After 1 and 1/2 hr. ---------- 190 (GM)

After 1 and 55 min. --------- 189 (GM)

After 2 and 1/2 hr. ---------- 161 (GM)

Before 7 month my fasting was 330 and PP 417 (When diabetes detected). I contacted physician when I suddenly had a problem of blurred vision. He immediately recommended to take "Tradjenta"and Gluconorm PG2. I took these medicines for 10 days and my random test came down to 64. I left allopathy medicines and switched to aurved. I use to take Mesha shringi and Vrikshamla after food in morning and at night. The glucose level vary from 125 to 150 (PPBS) in 1.45 hrs. The above result shows without Mesha shringi and Vrikshamla. I used take some food supplements also but now left because supplements are costly. Please suggest how to maintain glucose level without medicines. As on 2/11/2014 my HbA1c is 6.2 and FBS is 96. Total cholesterol is 138. My age is 39 yrs.


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All you need to do is go for LCHF and tips removed from Health Unlocked are there at dlife.in

I have managed to bring down my HbA1C from 11.6% to 6.0% without medicines. I have put my diet/exercise regimen here twice. It is not LCHF but inspired by LCHF principle as I reduced my carbohydrate in take. There are many people who reduced A1C from 13.5% to 5.4% in half the time I took. So, my diet plan is far from optimal! efar52@gmail.com BTW: Please see LWMDR posted by Saxenaen today.


Mr. Norreal,

I am going for detail study of LCHF diet plan. Also you are requested please send your diet chart to me. I have sent an email to you.




Thanks for your advice. I am going for low carb diet. The result shown above is absolutely not satisfactory.


do not take PG. It burned my pancreas. in the early stage if you follow lchf diet. then for the rest of the life you don't need doctor or expensive D medications. good luck rankx001.

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Dear atma,

I used allopathy medicines only for 10 days and I have decided not to touch it at least for diabetes.



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