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Herbal remedy for sugar control


Dear Users,

I am A.D Raman, aged 68 years P.A to the collector ( Retd ) from Kanchipuram, and having diabetic nearly 8 years. My FBS was always in between 230 and 250

I was taking Allopethic medicine for past 8 years and time to time sugar is coming under control, but not in my control as expected and thereby continuous visits to Doctor and medical expenses incur frequently.

I was referred by my son from USA for Herbal powder as alternative and also send the link of insulinpowder.in who are manufacturers of Insulin powder named Aditi Herbals, based in Chennai.(9444630429)

I had bought 2 packets and started consuming daily @ 2 gm in the morning before breakfast and also made a habit of walking 20 minutes daily.

I am very proud to say that I have controlled my sugar level in a systematic way and now it is in between 190 to 210, after using nearly 60 days continuously. Also I start feeling of comforts level in terms of sleep, urination, blood pressure etc step by step. Now I decided to continue 1 packet (60 gm) a month.

For all our viewers I would like to share my experience which has proved to be more effective in controlling sugar level in economical means, without any side effect being it is Ayurvedic Herbal powder. They have online buying option too which may be helpful to those who believe in Herbal alternative in controlling and balancing of sugar level.

A.D. Raman.


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After using for 60 days,sugar level is between 190 and 210.I think the medicine has not worked,obviously.Maybe,you should look for alternatives.

wrongan in reply to Hidden

Do you mean to say sugar level @ 190 is under control.Please check Hb1c test and satisfy yourself and share in this forum.

From the levels of sugar that he has indicated, his average blood glucose would be around 290/ 320 levels and predicted HB1AC would be likely in the range of 12 to13% against the target range of 6.5%.

rajeevpandey100 in reply to Hidden

Absolutely correct.

Dear Mr. Raman,

You are at least 18 years my senior & my regards to you for that. Insulin delivery is only possible through injectibles & not through oral route through tablets or powder. After 60 days of use, your sugar level is abnormally high for fasting levels. It is likely that you are just having a psychological advantages & not medicinal benefits, otherwise your sugar levels should have come down to a level of 90+/- 20. Tension is the worst cause to create an elevated level of sugar & not food. My experience has taught me that. You need to consult a better endocrinologist in a good hospital to your nearest location. Just for you to know 90% plus herbal medicines are fake and the rest from better companies are just prophylactics that perhaps just work for pre diabetics. I must admit your walking habit is good. Lead a tension & carefree life, you would find your sugars dramatically under control and take my advise, please see a good doctor in a reputed hospital & they are not expensive than your life.

This is magic of walking walk for 40 mintes 6000 steps

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