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Trio wins medicine Nobel for brains GPS

The Nobel Assembly which awarded the prize in an announcement at Karolinska Institute,said the discovery solved a problem that has occupied philosophers and Scientists for centuries--:How does the brain create a map of space surrounding us and how can be navigate our way through a complex environment ?"Anglo -American Johan O Keefe and Norwegian couple May-Britt and Edvard Mosar won the 2014 Nobel Prize for medicine on Monday 6th.October 2014 fro discovering the brain internal positioning system,helping humans find their way and giving clues to how strokes and Alzheimer effect the brain


(1) The three Scientist have found"an inner GPS THAT MAKES IT POSSIBLE TO KNOW WHERE WE ARE AND FIND OUT OUR WAY"

(2) One of the Scientist who shared the Prize found that type of nerve cell in hippo campus was always activated when a rat was in a certain place in a room and concluded that these"place cells formed a map of the room .

(3) IN 1996 ,Edvard Moser and May- Brit Moser ( the couple who shared the Nobel prize with Anglo-American Johan O Keefe) learned how to record the activity of cells in the hippo campus.

(4) Nearly a decade later ,the Moser team discovered cells in the entorhinal cortex region in brains of rats,which function as navigation.

We all congratulate to the trio for winning the Nobel Prize from this forum Health unlocked. We all hope that one day the medicine community will definitely find ways to prevent occurring of Alzheimer and stroke in the humans .


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