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Diabetics On LCHF Miss Nutrients -- Yet another FUD?

There's yet another FUD from those who swear by ADA's broken dietary guidelines. The FUD (uncertainty and doubt, usually evoked intentionally in order to put a competitor at a disadvantage -- that's what few from ADA camp here do without missing a beat) is that those who follow LCHF diet do not get nutrients. Little do they know that they are absolutely wrong, and that's why their statement is nothing but FUD.

A reality check here:


In tech world, MS FUD's are very common where they desperately tried to prove though FUNDED studies how Secure MS WINDOWS is as compared to LINUX. But, the web world didn't care about those MS FUDs and that's why 70%+ of internet is ruled by LINUX.

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Whether LCHF follower or not all need some form of supplement. And the Americans need them most even under ADA regimen. :)


GNC is a billion dollar market cap industry right in America so shows how healthy ADA diet is :)

And now thee's a study which shows Anti Biotics to kids is causing obesity. So they will look at everything except what Europeans and our Granny already knew before World War II -- CARBS causes Obesity.

I remember granny used to say -- "Pait Bimari Ka Ghar"


So, diabetics on LCHF Diet aren't deprived of anything meaningful. The plus side of LCHF is that it deprives them of DRUGS to a very large extent and yet gets sugar (and LIPIDS and Hypertension) readings that ADA camp can only dream of :)


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