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After Decades Of Failing To Control Diabetes, Now Research Says What LCHF Diabetics Always Say

Despite the best efforts, diabetes and diabetic complications have been growing and growing at a brisk pace. Diabetics who live LCHF lifestyle, always maintain that prediabetes, IGT, IFT are just terms coined by "experts" to ensure that one becomes a full blown drug managed diabetic, because such terms result in laxity on part of a diabetic where he/she feels "All Is Well".

LCHF diabetics always believed that either one is diabetic or non diabetic. Now, the latest research (including the so called experts -- ADA) also says that treating patients with prediabetes as if they had diabetes could help prevent or delay the most severe complications associated with this chronic disease.

Good, better late than never:


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GPhilip: Homeopathy cure rate is as low as 'Placebo Effect'. Ayurveda has side effects. Homeopathy may be side effect free because, to start with, it has no effect.


@gphilip - LCHF is a proven theory and nothing new.

Not much LCHF here, in fact I find that there are a few who are trying all their best to scare people away from LCHF (and failing).

The real action on LCHF for Indian diabetics seems to be on dlife.in/ now. ADA will be forced to talk about and in favor of LCHF in years to come. Public perception and personal experience in age of internet often brings about revolutionary changes.

I am posting only videos on LCHF most of the time here and someone took a shot against that also, but I am completely ignoring reacting to trolls :)


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