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Hai friends, i just came to know about this stem cells being used to cure DIABETIC RETINOPATHY...wanted to share with all of u:) ..people who already knows can help us to knw more about it :)

above is the pic of an retinopathy effected eye...

At present millions of diabetics worldwide are at risk of sight loss due to a condition called Diabetic Retinopathy -- as u knw this is when high blood sugar causes the blood vessels in the eye to become blocked or to leak. Failed blood flow harms the retina and leads to vision impairment and if left untreated can lead to blindness.

here this goes on like researchers will take the isolating stem cells from donors, expanding them in a laboratory setting and re-delivering them to a patient where they help to repair the blood vessels in the eye. This is especially relevant to patients with diabetes were the vessels of the retina become damaged.

At present there are very few treatments available to control the progression of diabetic complications. There are no treatments which will improve glucose levels and simultaneously treat the diabetic complication."Currently available treatments for diabetic retinopathy are not always satisfactory. They focus on end-stages of the disease, carry many side effects and fail to address the root causes of the condition".But in this approach it is to harness adult stem cells to promote regeneration of the damaged retinal blood vessels and thereby prevent and/or reverse retinopathy. In the case of some patients with diabetes, they may gain enormous benefit from stem cell-mediated repair of damaged blood vessels in their retina. This is the first step towards an exciting new therapy in an area where it is desperately needed...

.Good one ryt ? but i hope its not too costly and common man can afford !! and many thanks for the researchers :)

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Much more thanks Shruthi for your fabulous incredible message to the diabetic community.

If this is affordable to our conditions we can make use of it.

Well, it is a ray of hope for we Diabetics. What is the success rate? Availability of treatment and of course the cost are some of the factor which need to be addressed carefully?Thanks for sharing.

very useful for use in the future

Hi Shruthi.. Your write up is indeed a very informative. thanks for ur write up

Stem cell use for treatment of various disorders is being talked about these days.In India is there any dependable hospital /clinic where this is being done successfully? If anybody has the answer please let us know.

please give me the address of hospital in india

Thanks send stem cell treatment.give me a address hospital in india.

Thanks Shruthi for sharing the information. I hope that Diabetics in India will be able to have the benefits of stem cell therapy which is affordable to all.

in reply to Rakesh

Hi, What is "STEM CELLS" Please send me details. Address for obtaining "STEM CELLS".

I am waiting for.

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hai friends :) thank you all :)

hai sir :) about the stem cell -the stem cells are biological cells found in all multicellular organisms, that can divide and differentiate into specialized cell types and can self-renew to produce more stem cells. :)

Actually stem cells have been derived from the adipose tissue, blood and adult bone marrow usually.but adult stem cells in bone marrow are routinely used in medical therapies.

These have the power of regenerating the damaged blood vessels in the case of which the vessels of the retina is damaged .in other words these stem cells repair the damaged.And the regeneration of damaged retina could prevent progression of diabetic retinopathy and reduce the risk of vision loss.

These stem cells are not only used to cure retinopathy but also used to cure many diseases like "STEM CELL IN HAIR TRANSPLANT" , "stem cells injected into skeletal muscle can repair heart tissue" , "STEM CELL USE ON STROKE VICTIMS " ,"STEM CELL RESEARCH AIMS TO TACKLE PARKINSON'S DISEASE", and many more :)

RESEARCH SAYS They have already been used to treat more than 75 diseases, including numerous anemia's,breast cancers, inherited metabolic disorders and deficiencies of the immune system... U.S doctors treat heart attack with mans own stem cells .. :)

and now a new recent research is that "PANCREAS STEM CELL DISCOVERY "

in this treatment Stem cells in the adult pancreas have been identified that can be turned into insulin producing cells, a finding that means people with type 1 diabetes might one day be able to regenerate their own insulin-producing cells.

@ akaash - yes sir evrything must b carefully i know the treatment is heading towards success but not completely :( may be few more dayz to wait :)

@ pintu - yeah sir ,stem cells have been heard alot nowadaz :) almost so many hospitals hav been under taking such stem cell therapies..will get back to u with some reputed hospitals as soon as possible :)

this stem cell treatment in retinopathy and pancreas are yet to be certified but all the other treatments i hav told u people above is true and already been using second thought in dat :)

and i just wanted to share it with u all :) i am reallly glad for all your replies :) will defnetly get back to u ppl with some good news ahead :) ty :) keep smiling :) take care :)

Hi Shruthi,

You have given marvelous information which will be useful not only to Diabetics but Heart Ptients and for various other ailments.

:) :) thanq:)

hai sir :) i may not be the elder person to tell you sir but as i know that stem cells in the bone marrow gets matured when entered into the blood where they turn into RBC and WBC ..when they are in bone marrow they are called as stem cells and are immatured...and they take those stem cells from bone marrow to cure diseases so that they have the capability of replicating themselves wherever they are put...the stem cells in blood will already would have been matured ,,but the stem cells in the bone marrow are immatured..and only immatured stem cells can reproduce themselves but stem cells in the blood cant reproduce anymore....thats the reason they take stem cells only from bone marrow......this stem cell therapy is very much advanced ..they are used to cure cancer with highest possible result....

you do not require a hospital mr.manelynf ? its quite interesting..but can u please explain how can you make that work ?? friends i suggest you to please take a proper guidance from your own doctors before taking any decisions...its better if we follow scintific methods ...

thanks for valuable informations, shruthi

:) welcome :)

Please give the name of the hospital in India where stem cell treatment is done

mam as i told u the research is still going on..let us hope for the best...its already come to an end successfully according to the information i hav got...

Hi sruthi is there any latest information about steam cell tyherapy in curing diabetic retinopathy.

Please let me know becoz my father is in advanced stage now.

Your reply can help us.


what is stem cells to cure parmanent for diabetic

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