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When More is Not Always Good - Walking & Running

Running just 5 minutes a day is enough. This is even for a low paced running at 10 minutes to a mile, which means 1.6 km. This is what the following research shows:


A simple 1.6 km is enough. No need to be slogging it out for 1 hour every morning and evening, because --

More is not always better:


And, this escalates more for people with heart attacks:


Unnecessary walking for just burning the Carbs from High Carb Low Fat diet can be eliminated by Low Carb High Fat diet.

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What about slow walking around 1 hr a day?


Walk 2-3 minutes every hour. No point walking one hour and then sitting all day on chair. So, get up from chair, walk for 3 minutes and be back on desk for work again every hour. There's some study which shows that walking 2 min every half an hour can prevent diabetes, and even sitting long hours despite long walking in morning negates the benefit.

What if your sugar levels are already low before you set out for one hour walk? You come back to find sugar levels high.

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And, there's a 11.5 year long term research which has proved that walking and exercise with a High Carb Low Fat Diet (ADA Diet) provided no real benefit as far as cardiac related deaths were concerned in Type 2 diabetics. The study was supposed to be for a 13 year period but since it failed to prove that exercise provided any benefits, it was discontinued 2 years earlier.

Combining this with the other links posted in this thread it does make sense. So why overdo when more is always not better :)

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