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I have shared what i achieved because of changing my life style

At 5 am after getting fresh one spoon Mathi Powder. Walk 4-5 km and meditation 15 min. 6.15 am four almonds, 6.30 green tea, 8am one glass milk without sugar with one chapate of channa and wheat, 10 am tea without sugar, 11.30 one glass soup of mix veg, 1 pm lunch two chapati with green salad and sabji or dal. 3.30 tea without sugar, 5pm Jamun or channa, 7pm egg or almonds, 8 pm two chapatti as in lunch, 10 pm sleep

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Congratulations keep it up and don't leave what all u be doing if its working for you just keep testing for BS and stay focused ! .


u are moving in the right direction! better start the ayurvedic supplements in beginning of winter .

the best are shudha shilajit or punarnava , or nirmali seeds etc etc. I assure you that u need not look behind in the future.



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