new medicines make me feel weak in the evenings

I am now prescribed by a diabetologist cum physician, my fasting sugar was 123 and post lunch 262 and bp at 150 by 83, he has prescribed new medicine which i am taking from two days, zophyl mi forte before breakfast and zophyl mi plain after breakfast, and later i take t sart ch 40 ,jupiros 10, metxl plain clopitab daily, i feel drowsy weak and feel that the medicines are heavy and need to see the doctor if he has to change or later the dosage.....will some one advise


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9 Replies

  • What is your diet and lipid profile?

  • oats for breakfast, chapatis for dinner and little rice for lunch, and not done my lipid profile test

  • Have you got any cardiac problems?

  • no cardiac problems

  • Change diet to LCHF diet. 160 have benefited right here on this forum.

  • Without knowing lipid profile why doctor has prescribed you statin and clopitab? 4 of your drugs are cardiac related.

  • Change diet. Problem is your DIET -- HIGH CARB LOW FAT is my guess.

    When i was dx'd my PPBS was 229 FBS was 129 in 2011. I have never taken any drug and still i land non diabetic numbers.

  • today i had fried rice and chiken curry for lunch and started sweating, also had a peg of whisky- due to unavoidable circumstances- otherwise i stopped non veg and seldom take whisky or any liquior

  • Switch Diet to LCHF -- Low carb High fat -- before it is too late to do so. Buy a meter and start testing PPBS at home. OATS, rice are a no no for diabetics. YMMV

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