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Need help in these medicines

Hi, I recently had dizzyness 2 full day and i decided to check for diabetes. I took the Hgb A1c test and the number was 10+. My morning empty stomach sugar level is around 160 to 190. My doctor prescribed the following 5 medicine. I would like to know if I should take medicine my full life to control diabetes? is there any side effects from the medicine? what is the alternative?

Janumet 50/500mg

Pioz 30

Amarul 1mg

Jupiros - F

Ecosprin - 75

Please suggest; i am really nervous to take so many medicine.

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good doctors are starting with the low medicine dose. check after 15 days for fasting and 2 hours after breakfast sugar values. you will have some idea about the dose like high / low


please share your age how long period from D m When tested blood test report ? U may test diabetic package and with report u may contact and ask give less drugs or u may change the Doctor .

Before first u start today itself to avoid fully sweat amount and starch foods and sweet food like banana sapotao Try to take limited food at least gap of 4 hours . Try to consume less grain food


Hi, I am 32 years old and this is the first time i went to a doctor for diabetes. I never took any kind of medicine. As per my test report (i gave last week), there is no liver/kidnet damage, urinre test is fine, HBA1C is 10.7, Mean plasma glucose is 304mg/dl;good cholestrol is low - 27, bad cholestrol is high - 103.8,

My morning empty stomach blood glucose is around 160mg\dl; 2 hours after breakfast is around 179mg\dl.

I have already stopped eating direct sugar/starch/carbs. i have added millets in my diet like raig, solam(jowar), etc.


Reduce your Carbs & & get your BMI to ideal level. See if it helps in lowering your BS.No side -effects of ECOSPRIN 75- I think. It is a blood thinner.

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