Bad Cholesterol.It's not what you think

Nice article by Paul Scott who has written about Dr Ronald M Krauss ,a heart-disease researcher ,who along with his co-worker in Harvard and Berkeley has done a ground breaking work on LDL sub particles which has laid the foundation for modern day bio-markers for heart disease risk assessment .

.It is written in a simple understandable language It is a pretty long article & unbiased .I urge the readers to go through the complete text patiently .This will help to enhance the understanding of cholesterol and their sub particles and which pattern is benign and which is not .This might also help to remove some of the cholesterol myths that are widely prevailing

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It's good article. I had read it sometime back. Also in my bookmarks. How many are going to believe it don't know. An eye opener for conventional "cholesterol myth" followers.


Those who think that my TC of 160 is on higher side will never believe in this :)


Now they are out to prove that HDL doesn't protect and so once they have managed to cook up some stupid data the whole cholesterol control will mean reduce your LDL by STATINS. Another JUNK Science in the making to Increase sales of DANGEROUS Statin drugs:

Bottom Line is going to be PUSH the Statin Sales Up by hook or crook.

Hey I just read the word Harvard Medical School there in the article :)


The reference to a link between low HDL & Diabetes is interesting, and I was NOT aware of. Thank you for sharing.


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