How to Fix your Broken Metabolism by doing the Exact Opposite

I had read this article on the Intensive Dietary Management (IDM) site written by Jason Fung. It's very interesting and has helpful hints. It talks about weight loss, insulin, calories in and calories out and glycogen. Please take a look at the article at: intensivedietarymanagement....

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  • worth trying. am already on weekly twice 24 hour fasting. Results are encouraging.

  • When one takes medicines/insulin and go on fasting don't they have a possibility of getting in hypoglycemia? Isn't it dangerous to fast when you take medicines/insulin?

  • rdshevade

    You Are absolutely right. This happens when you are on insulin or a secretagogue drug. Take advice of your doctor regarding drug schedule while fasting. Insulin you can omit. You have to learn how the insulin dosages are determined. Firstly your doctor would advice you to avoid fasting 😝😝😝. Initially start with diet management. Lchf. Gradually go on decreasing dose. I mean first decrease the dose and with that take low carb low calorie high fat diet. You will soon learn.

    Remember hypos are more dangerous than hypers.

  • Thanks Suramo for this response!!

  • Are you on a sliding scale for insulin dosages?

  • On fasting days no medicine

  • Dr Bernstein says that a Type 1 should never skip the basal dose even if fasting, say for surgery. Bolus, yes can be skipped.

  • In some cases the skipping of doses even for surgery isn't a good idea since the blood sugars go extremely high afterwards.

  • Yup. But, bolus should take care.

    Dr Bernstein mentioned in one of his videos that the nurse was talking to the wrong person when she advised him not to take any shots before some surgery that he was to go through :)

  • After surgery almost 4 years ago, my blood sugars were extremely high right afterwards and I did a very small dose of insulin before going to the hospital in the first place. Same with some of my other medications. If they hadn't been taken, I would have had a lot of problems.

  • oh,ok

  • Jason Fung advocates Intermittent fasting for improving insulin sensitivity, control of type 2 diabetes and wt loss.

  • I have been following his advise since August '16 and have modified my diet to include good fat and minimised rice/wheat (grains) and processed food in my diet. This along with 2 days of IF (24hrs) per week has shown a very healthy lipid profile and weight loss in just 4 months. I have started enjoying the the fasting experience and achieved my desired waist size and weight range and the best part is the belly has flattened ( 42 inch to 36 inch) and I feel 20 years younger.

    Before I started on the experiment, I had a medical checkup and then after 4 months to monitor the effect. I also exchanged emails with Dr Fung and am grateful for having opened my mind to something which should have been a commonsense practice.

  • Most of us are stuck with the failed science that CARBS are great and FAT is bad. The whole disease issue has increased after the low fat nonsense became the mainstream advise. No one ever talks elevated residual insulin levels in blood which is the cause of most problems.

  • Yes , you are right to an extent. I also found your articles in this forum to be very encouraging for me during my initial stage of experimentation.

    I think the biggest problem is that with commercialisation of health and food industry most of us got lost in maze of marketing and started overeating thus compromising our metabolism. The balance in our diet was lost and lot of rubbish fat/sugar/carb and ready made food found its way in the daily diet.

    Fasting , I find is like a reset button, specially, for people like me who have been lovers of Bacchus, Tobacco and Food. I always loved fat specially butter but now with my rejuvenation, I don't feel guilty of butter, desi ghee and traditional indian oils.

    The way forward I see is remain more balanced and control portion size. Not be scared of good fat. Daily carbohydrate comes from vegetables, daal and fruits. As a part of balance I allow myself to indulge in festivals and parties. [PS: Now, I am +54 yrs old, 190 cms , 90 kgs.].

    Thank you very much.

  • @Arvind21

    very true. Diabetes is like a boon to us. We have learnt to eat now. Hitherto we were eating jnnk / a nonscientific diet.😁😁

  • Myself reduced the weight by 9 kg. Waist from 36 to 32. More active than before.

  • Good work and my suggestion is always monitor and measure your progress.

  • People say that beta cells of pancreas are generated to some extent and die in carb load.So fasting is good.Intermittent fasting is extremely good and one should eat only when one feel.Thanks

  • Makarand

    "beta cells of pancreas are generated to some extent and die in carb load"

    I don't agree. Do you know why the nature has put pancreas next to duodenum - the first part of intestine? Because once the absorption starts the glucose loaded blood first bathes the beta cells. So beta cells remain bathed in blood and glucose all the time during digestion.

  • Thanks sir.But in some on line article I had read about.I may be wrong.

  • makarim

    That's fine. But one has to have " nir kshir " attitude. Take milk and leave water behind.

  • Thanks sir.

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