i m 39 yrs old, dibetic 2, my hba1c was 8.3 (first test) on 17 jan 14, i had janumet 50/500 twice a day, simultaneous i did regular walk of

mins. & control my diet. now i done my hba1c which is 4.3, now dr given me kombiglyze 5/500 in a day. my quetions are

- dr reduce my medicine dose ??

- can i control it without medicine only with diet & excercise??

- i am taking meganeuron od a day since last three months, is it safe drug & can be taken regularly.??

taken regula

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  • Is your Hba1c correct? Means average BS of 77. What are your FBS and PPBS? For such low Hba1c you don't need any medicine. The new medicine is similar in action but of new generation. (Both are DPP4 blocker and metformin )

  • Janumet only will have impact on PPBS. DPP4 inhibitors can cause cancer. You shouldn't be taking any drugs at those levels of A1C.

  • But y dr is recommending to stop medicine even i request him that i will become medicine dependent...even i read some where that medicine stop the production of insulin in body in long term...bt this is also true that there would be sure role of medicine to reduce my hba1c. so you mean to say that i should try to control it without medicine..isn't it??

  • If your Hba1c level is 4.3 then you are not diabetic. So why need medicines.

    What is your current FBS and PPBS?

  • But sir i am taking medicine since last 3 months and before that hba1c is 4.3 ( earlier it was 8.3)...this result is the effect of medicine, even dr is not recommending to skip medicine even after this result, he just changed the medicine.

  • Buy a meter. Start testing PPBS at 110 min after meals and then take a call about whether to stop drugs or not. First step in diabetes control is home testing.

  • i have a meter sir & almost i do one reading in a day sometimes fasting, sometime after breakfast, sometime after lunch....my last 4 days reading fasting- 85, post lunch(after 2 hours) -132, random- 85( in the evening), post lunch-137...right now i am taking kombiglyze 5/500 before breakfast

  • current fasting is 85-90 & pp is 132-137..i am taking kombiglyze 5/500 before breakfast

  • And what exactly is your daily diet?

  • Early morning Tea(without sugar)+1-2 biscuits +4-5 almonds( 8 a.m)

    Breakfast Poha/dalia/paratha omlette+half glass milk without sugar(9.45-10.a.m)

    lunch dal+1 more vegetable+2-3 chapati+1 bowl raita

    evening 1 cup tea without sugar+1 biscuit

    Night dal+1 subji+3 chapati

    Note:- No potatoes, No rice,daily walk for 40 mins, Kombiglyze 5/500 before breakfast, 1 meganeuron od plus after lunch

  • Replace biscuits with peanuts. Remove poha.

    You should be living on max of 2 chapati per day, better if you can skip the night chapati.

    Total wheat consumption should be no more than 80 grams/day. Fill yourself with vegetables and raita.

    Your nuts consumption should be clsoe to 100gms/day. No cashew no pista.

    6 chapati = 240 grams = 150 grams carb. Add carbs from other sources and you could be touching 200gms carbs per day. This is definitely HIGH CARB.

    If you eat chicken then only in the meal where you take chicken can you have 2 chapati. I keep posting on what I eat and also follow it up with PPBS numbers.

    You are only 39. You have a long way to go in life. So DIET change is fist step and medicines should be the last resort when everything has failed. I have taken no drugs at all to control my sugar. My PPBS when detected was almost same as yours -- 229.

  • Thanx medfree...how old are you ?

    what about medicine?? should i continue?

    Can i use multigrain flour instead of pure wheat infact which i use(polypack) is maida instead of wheat.

  • Multigrain is useless stuff for diabetics. It's only replacement of carbs. If you first adopt LCHF diet then you won,t need any medicine. Doctor will definitely ask you to stop drugs. Considering you BS levels, Hba1c of 4.3 seems irrelevant. You might be having low hemoglobin or himotocrit .

  • I am 51.

    I share the same view as shrisamarth. In fact i go a step ahead --

    Multigrain, Wholegrain, Brown Bread, Multigrain biscuits, breads etc being fed to a diabetic and then not cutting down carbs is like asking a cancer patient to smoke Marlboro instead of Charminar.

    Bottom line: Count CARBS, reduce them to 100grams/day, substitute carbs with good fats and I am sure you will not need drugs. You need to closely monitor your sugar levels at home as you change diet. My opinion is on same lines as shrisamarth's.

    Maida is most horrible for a diabetic -- It's like Charminar in my above example :)

  • Check LCHF in detail You are still carb loaded.

  • In the medium run medicine may do more harm than good. If I were you, I'd retake the HBA1C at another lab first and if I get the same result, I would cut out blood glucose medicine totally, follow diet cum exercise regimen, take FBS and PP several times a day and may be HBA1C every two weeks after taking the first one a week from quitting medicine. [I am managing since 2005 without medicines and will be 62 in October]

  • The new red blood cells normally have 50% weightage on A1C in one month interval. Every two weeks HbA1C is a waste of money. Normally in three months all RBC is replenished and that's why A1C tests are recommended once in 3 months for a full blown diabetic more so of Type 1 who survive entirely on exogenous insulin. For a type 2 with control it is once in 6 months that's recommended. So far i have tested once a year.

    I would do PPBS daily at 110 min after first bite and get them under control. That would automatically take care of A1C.

  • medfree: The RBC documented time range is 57 days to 150 days. However, the recent week can have biggest or disproportionate impact moreover when a change is made! [BTW HBA1C of 4.6% implies hypo risk]

    I say every week for two weeks in case kshanky gives up medication.

  • Yes if pancreas whipping drugs are being taken there's a HYPO risk. I am doubting the 4.3 reading itself. Could be wrong. So a retest is warranted. Bimonthly A1C i would stay away from, tests PPBS and if that's falling in range i would drop all drugs and then obseve PPBS and not restart even if i do see odd cases of 170-200 and ty and get it down through diet (and walk if necessary -- only if carbs are high carb)

    As for the life of rbc, you are right, it can go upto 4 months for complete replenishment.

  • kshanky: In 2005 I reversed diabetes. In 2009 I brought it under control to pre diabetic range (assumed it had reversed)... again now, within 2014 after a big fall of 1.8% in HBA1C in the first week, average weekly reduction of 0.175% has brought it down to 7.2% as of April 18. Took no medicine! I take 200 grams of carbohydrate - two servings of fruit in the day etc. [In 2013 I took 450 grams of carb and smoked heavy. I was 61 in October] efar52@gmail.com

  • 200 grams of carbs is high.

  • Now i planned to not take medicine & check my sugar levels frequently & see the results. control diet & regular exercise should be there.

    Thanx to all of you from bottom of my heart for giving me such a valuable feedback..this forum is really very helpful for me. i let u know about my further results and again i need your guidance. thanx again.

  • Good move and good luck.

    Start counting carbs and restrict them to 100gms/day and substitute with good fat. On Low carb high fat diet all you will need is three regular meals and one snacks. No eating every 2-3 hours because your hunger pangs would disappear the moment you start switching to LCHF diet

    Keep us posted.

  • Medfree...i just checked my pp which is 223, i depressed. today i didnt taken my medicine. what should i do now.

  • in morning i took one small plate sambhar vada in breakfast & 2.5 chapati+rajma+raita in lunch

  • What did you eat? In all probability it would be a high carb diet.

  • My problem is this that i stay alone at gurgaon and totally depend on outsource food.

  • Start counting carbs. That's the key to BS control without drugs

  • When you stop medicine it's going to happen. Don't be panic. First start planning about carbs. One of my friend is more than half of the month is outside his town. But being diabetic for more than 4 years he has managed it very well. (BS 77/100) Mainly with diet (veg.) some exercise and minimum dose of metformin. Try to avoid chapati as far as possible. For first few days if you follow strict diet and monitor BS, later you can add some carbs as per your readings. Best strategy is eat to your meter.

  • Give me one other sugeetion...how can i replace chapati & from whom as it is our essential food part being a north indian. Infact I reduce it in quantity from 3 to 2 both in lunch & dinner.

  • Dalia would be better than chapati (if wheat is same weight) but ensure it is a coarse broken dalia and not fine one. Dont take more than 20gms dry weight dalia and milk should be diluted. Best breakfast that i have found is a 2 Egg omlet with cheese and small padding of bell pepper, onion and half tomato with one black coffee and 1 TBSP cold pressed coconut oil. In long run, you will have to cut down.

    Another good one is a raita made from sprouted moon daal, peanuts -- both microwaved -- and cucumber in a cup of curd made from whole milk and curd should be more than a day old.

  • Good. Yes when you restrict grains the results are immediate. But remember to replace carbs with fat and protein or you would be calorie deficient. Dalia I think is ok but in limited quantity. Fasting will take time to improve.

  • Even I am a north Indian from cow belt. You ought to learn to live with no more than 80grams wheat/rice/ragi/oats combined per day. It's not difficult and advantages are too many to ignore this. For energy, add 100grams nuts /day (no cashew no pista) to your life. For Bulk filling, rely on vegetables.

  • sir i checked it 1 hour after meal than it is 200

    and 2 hour after meal it is 151.

    i took 2 chapati +1 bowl kadi +1 bowl raita

  • For optimum control BS should never spike above 140. But in your case as you have just started LCHF you can set slight higher target.

    What you have eaten for meal for spike of 200?

  • Still high on carbs. You need to reduce chapati. As chapati is made from wheat flour (sometimes maitha may be there if you are having meals outside.) One half year back I was also eating 2 chapatis (PPBS 2hr. 160) Since then I gradually reduced it to half. (now PPBS is always below 120. Mostly 110.)

  • sir what is your age? thanx a lot for your suggetions..can you tell me sir where i can found indian LCHF food options.(any website)

    can i take tea two times in a day?

  • 51. I take green tea (with tulsi - it comes premixed -- from Organic India) with lemon 6-7 cups a day. No milk, no sweetener, no sugar. First step towards LCHF is stat minimizing grains like wheat, rice, ragi, oats, maize, corn, jowar etc and all their products like poha, puffed rice, biscuits etc. Cut out potato completely. Rely more on vegetables, salads, eggs, nuts, curds (home made fom whole milk), butter, ghee, coconut oil, eggs (with yolk) preparations.

  • peanuts is o.k? what about murmura? can it can be taken?

  • Murmura no if that's what we call Laiyaa (puffed rice).

    Peanuts+walnuts+almonds+pine-nut (chilgoza). Take this mix 100gms/day as snacks replacing all biscuits etc and whenever you feel like eating something.

    Once you master LCHF and see the results then you can eat anything and everything as long as you keep your carbs count to 100gms/day. This is because by then you will know exactly what will spike your BS levels.

  • You are right sir..i am Rohit (39 yrs). How long you are on LCHF diet, means u never took medicine?when you first diagnosed high sugar levels?

  • Sir/Mam

    I have learned all this from others, on other LCHF /Diabetes forums, who have lived and preached LCHF. Like them I am just doing my bit to ensure good health for diabetics who are being cheated by the modern medicare business so that the profits fo them keep rising. They are least bothered about your and my health. They are more concerned about their profits.

    You can say I don't trust my doctor and dietician when it comes to controlling sugar levels! This is because they are recklessly parroting stupid ADA guidelines to safeguard their profits.

  • PPBS 229/200 on two weekly tests. FBS 129/124 on two weekly tests.

    Dx'd in beginning of 2011.

    On LCHF since more than 33 months now. LIPIDS/KFT/LFT/BP/A1C/Blood Sugar all improved on LCHF. I hardly walk now. Never have taken any drugs for sugar control. last A1C was 5.6

  • Good sir..i am also trying to move on LCHF DIET.

    One thing is very surprising that since last 3 days when i quite medicine my fasing is same 106 for whole 3 days. it is co incident ?

  • Tell me one thing sir idealy what should be FBS & PPBS range. Which we can say good.

  • Best would be FBS <90 PPBS 1hr. <140 2hr. <120.

  • As you have stopped drugs it will take time for FBS to come down. Meters are not that accurate if you are using good brand like One Touch or Accucheck then there meters are fairly accurate. There may be 5% error.

  • hba1c 6.5 is diebetic or not?

  • A1C of 6.5% is a Diabetic.

  • what is the meaning of ketogenic diet?

  • Body is in state of Nutritional Ketosis where it sues FAT for energy constantly.

    One hist that if carbs < 50gms and proteins restricted because proteins also converts to sugar and availability of too much sugar in body switches the body back to burning glucose for energy.

    Dr Bernstein is one diabetic (that too Type 1) who is on 30gms carbs/day.

    For calculating check this :


    Even protein can kick the body out of ketosis so proteins have to be restricted too.

  • Hi everybody

    I am new to forum. I have gone through most of the discussions on LCHF,

    I understood carb and protein in many food items but yet to get fat content in most of the dairy items

    How much fat/ which items and in which quntity to consume to get 60% fat in a day?? And which items for vegetarian ?? Milk or even full cream milk is banned by my naturopath.

    All Amul dairy products ok?


    Any other fat items may be suggestedfor vegetarian .

    VCO ,availability with good test ,online may be advised.

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