I m new here hbc1-6.3 shall I start medicine

Hi all ,,last year I have had my hbc1 6.2 ,,I did not pay much attention and did nothing ,,but this time it's 6.3 ,,was in denial ,,but now I have started walking but not too much control on diet ,,f g is 130 and 150 after lunch not taking any medicine ,,now I m confused what to do ,,dr put me on 250 mg metformin in the night ,,,,not yet started yet my uric acid is also high ,,6.3,,,


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  • It seems your diabetes is in early phase. Start walking at least 1 hour every day. Do not eat heavy meals, instead take 4-5 lower portion. I.e if your have your meal two times a day break it in to 4 time in a lower portion. Reduce your carb intake. Take your meal timely and do not eat after 9 in evening.. you can control your diabetes in control by excercise and healthy lifestyle. Best of luck

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  • anshuahana

    1) useless dose schedule. Metformin once in night is not enough.

    2) take as less carbs as possible.

    3)Continue exercise

    Diet management is of utmost importance.

  • Reduce carbohydrate intake.

  • Reduce carb to the minimum may be 100 120 grams from all sources.Substitute with good fat. Exercise regularly mostly walking at brisk speed.no need for metformin 250 at night.Thanks.

  • But sometimes u end up cheating on diets like party and all than get very depressed ,,,generally in such cases if I do test after 2 hours of party meal it's 160 ,or can I walk afterwords,,,for 15 ,20 minutes to make it normal ,,,

  • Avoid medicine. Like others have already said try to control with food intake and exercise. It is possible.

  • Welcome back. Long time.

  • HbA1c below 6.3 is not bad for a diabetic.

  • I agree with all comments. 6.3 is not at all bad. But be careful and try to avoid medicines. They are dangerous. Have a good diet control and exercises and walk. I guess you can control it well. Don't eat fried food. Eat salad at least 300 to 400 grams and then have your regular meal. You ought to be okay by that and of course don't eat after 8 pm if possible.

  • Thanjs

  • Ideally, A1C should be 5.6 or lower.

  • Will it come in that range with 1 hour walk and small portions ,,,

  • it will surely come down by reducing carbs. II am not a big fan of eating 8 times a day. On LCHF diet, we prefer eating only twice a day :)

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