controlling blood sugar by natural way

soak methi at night. drink 4 glass of water immediately after getting up in the morning without brushing. chew soaked methialongwith water. do yoga and pranayam.make a mixture of gudmar powder,karela powder, bel powder, neem leaves powder, a little haldi,kal megh powder and take one spoonful powder after meals twice daily.make atta of 8 kg of wheat,1 kg of chana, 1 kg of barley[jao] half kg of soyabean. roti of this mixer is itself a will not only control your sugar level but also give you proper nourishment. this is my sixteen years of experience. i have not taken a single allopathic medicine in 16 years and managing diabetics very not eat bhajia pakoda etc much.avoid direct intake of sugar.most important keep your stress level under control.

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  • Kindly inform weight of methi. Kindly inform weight of mixture of each item. By weight how many rotis 1 or 2. Above is about food. How about excercises done except Yoga/pranaayam

  • 1 Indian chapati = 40 gms = >22gms CARB

    Restrict total carb/meal (roti/rice/daal/vegetables) to 40gms/meal.

    40 min after meals go for 20 min stroll.

  • methi should be 10 gms.all ingredients of mixture should be of equal weight e.g.if u take gudmar powder 50 gms, all others should be 50 gms each. please add jamun guthli powder also.Rotis you can take as per your normal diet.Pure wheat rotis also contain carbohydrate that turns into glucose in your stomach.This mixture of grains will reduce the absorption of glucose into your blood as well as give you tummy satisfaction also

  • Kamadale

    Herbal powders as suggested by you should be taken 30 minutes before meals for better effect and not after meals as suggested.

  • thanks for suggestion. Actually i have been taking after meals as suggested by an old vaidya and the results had been satisfactory.

  • Kamadale

    Herbal powders as suggested by you should be taken 30 minutes before meals for better effect and not after meals as suggested.

  • Yes because all those ingredients add to fiber which travels down intestine before meal travels ... if one can afford eat one apple 30 min before meals and then start meals.

  • All grains have carbohydrate and not just wheat. What grains with protein do is get the PEAK later. So high protein meal will get a Peak maybe at 3-4 hours as compared to high carb meal. Higb Fat meals reduces spike :)

  • Mr Kamtadale,

    What is gudmar powder.Is it available in local grocery shops and what is local name in north India or is it a MLM product if so name of site from where to buy.

    J K JAIN

  • Gudmar is the name of the herb

    easily available at any ayurvedic shop.

    You can use DIAEZE made of herbal extracts a complete formulation to ease diabetes and its complications for more details visit


    That's gurmaar or Gymnema. Never buy from ML company. They are THUGHS :)

    They have all other herb capsules. Best company, renowned company. I buy all stuff from them online. Other supplements i buy from mynutramart.

  • gudmar is a forest is available at shops run by state forests department and also at ayurvedic products shop.if you take few grains of sugar after taking gudmar powder,and if the sugar losses its sweetness, then it is pure gudmar/it is better to buy all ingredients seperately and mix them to ensure quality.

  • How often you test your sugar?

    What are the results?

  • I get my blood sugar level test done once in a month. Is it OK ?

  • No it's not.

    It should be tested at home every 2 or 3 days. Once a month in lab for cross check with home testing is ok.

  • ok

  • After how many hours pranayam can be performed as 4 glasses of water will be inside stomach. I am taking Methi powder in the morning on empty stomach with Metformin 500 mg in the morning & at night. Still no much problems as these maintain 160 mg/dcl empty stomach. I feel with this type of life style sugar level is probably accepted.

  • after taking 4 glass of water just walk for 5 to 10 min in the house itself,go to toilet, freshen up and u can do pranayam without any problem. fasting level should be below110mg/dcl.first diet control, second little exercise and then comes medicine,but people do is first medicine and no diet control or exercise. medicine alone can not manage diabetese.Insulin was discovered in 1921, but diabetese was prevelant in Mahabharata time also and people followed Ayurveda which has details of 36 types of Madhumeh with reasons and their treatments.

  • I just want to refine,that two glass of water along with Tadasan,Triryark Tadasan,Katichakrasan,Triryak bhujangasan,udarakarsan,each 5 times,8 rounds.

  • Good, I will try fr it.

  • All these methi water, etc dont work in diabetes. So I suggest to administrators of the group not to give creadence to all these treatments.

  • Methi does not support to all.But YOGA and PRANAYAM support to all.Special Asana,mudras are for diabetes.

  • Dear Mr. Kuttu

    Diabetics suffer from TOXICITY which the synthetic medicines gives them and toxicity levels increase with time. Unfortunately high levels of toxicity induces oxidative stress and cell damage which leads to further complication and poor reception & absorption of medicine.

    Neem, Karela, Jamun, Methi, Gudmar, Tejpatta, Dalchin, amla, haldi etc is the only cheapest natural support available to them.

    The result may vary if taken in proper doses and combination and at the right time.

    They not only exhibit and have proven and established anti-diabetic action but are also rich in anti-oxidants and immunity enhancers and rich source of vitamins and minerals.

    It is important that natural diabetes support and medication complement each other and reduce the sufferings of Diabetics and provide holistic healthcare for such crucial disorder.

  • If you add YOGA and PRANAYAM,MUDRAS in your activities.It will be more better.



  • Methi dana is hot or not? I want to take but I have piles that is why avoiding.

    Es Kay

  • the above comment for the effect of all ingredient is to reduce or control sugar. However many people are outside from the morning and they can not all these mixtures at work. Meha mix is one of the cap medicine which gives effect of all above churna and powders. One can definitely try for it for two months and observe its surprising results. see web for details of diabetic medicine.

    besides medicine proper walking exercise and diet is also very imp to control sugar and keep away problems of diabetic.

  • As suggested by Sri. Sergil the medicine suggested by him" pterocarpus marsupium" is not available in local Ayurvedic outlet. Pl suggest from where to get it. It would be nice if I getany tip on this.




  • How about regular cardio exercises and weight training to control diabetice

  • all wheat used must be with choker,so that it may help in extracting out the waste material from body.Fruits and salad 30% must be in regular diet along with YOGA and PRANAYAM.

  • mr kamtadle what is,kal megh powder


  • kal megh powder is herbal medicine, also known as chirayata.It not only helps in controlling diabetes,it cures fever, malaria, dengue, arthrities,skin diseases,metabolism problems,common colds etc.It is used in homeopathy, unani ayurvedic medicines.Its taste is bitter,more than neem.Its botanical name is Andrographis panicula.You can see details on Google

  • mr kamtadate i forgot why did i asked kelmeg powder what were other known products oplease post me its use and advantage

    panchsheel legards mob-- 9460480048

  • Thanks. All the suggested natural remedies are good and really helpful.

    However, if we practice these continuously, although the sugar level will be under control, the body weight is reduced drastically - meaning loss of muscle mass. Particularly, Fenugreek (Mendhiyam) helps reduce weight. So for skinny people, by hereditary, what is the remedy in lieu of this?

  • yes,there is remedy in lieu of soaked methi. take 50 gms of methi dana and 50 gms of tejpatta,grind in a mixi,( both dry) keep this powder.take one teaspoon full daily morning empty stomach and see the amazing results.

  • Thanks it is good combination , some thing i was missing that i have added in my diet

  • There are various ways to control the growing blood sugar levels. After being diagnosed, it is advisable to start medication over the prescription of medical practitioner. It can be perilous to try keeping the sugar level low only through exercises and diets.

    Find more info here :

  • My mother's fasting blood sugar level is 126mg and after meals it is 139mg. Would the remedies recommended by you be right for her?

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