Eat More, Enjoy more - get healed on the way- Long Wheat Pita Bread, Bread rolls, Pooris (in Coconut Oil) Stuffed Parothas (extra virgin oil

Shooter George, don't shoot me down. I followed yr Long wheat mash diet and followed Medfree advice to limit carbs to 100 cal, and motivated by Peace egged on. I have now arranged 5 .5 kg Long Wheat Flour so i can bake Pita Bread, buns, bread rolls, eat Pooris, Parothas (stuffed paneer stuffing is magic). Gus do not drown me with emails (today) as the atta will be delivered only late night, I am told it is ready. It cost me Rs 550/- ie.100/kg. I am off most medicines now and don't mind the saving. "Diabetes with Dignity" - we only share happiness. If you save money enjoy movies, red wine in moderation and thank God He gave you diabetes. Those who get diabetes are saved from other disease and normally live longer. All I am doing is trying to make it more interesting.

Do you think i should try Long wheat Kachori recipe?


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  • Excellent. Enjoying D life very much with dignity. As far as I remember you have arranged it through courier. Can you share the suppliers contact details.

  • I have given the name of Shah Mansukhlal, Pune in my earlier post. I am arranging a pick up through one of my friends. One of my friends tried to get from him through courier,it did not work out. Keep track. More people may come forward and then you guys may be able to collate yr requirements. Keep patience. What if the rotis don't come nice? Let my money go waste, why should yours? It is always cheaper to learn from others' mistakes. Also you can laugh at them. A guilt free life is bliss.

  • Of-course guilt free life is bliss which some of us may had lacked ... Good suggestion and will wait for your findings. In the meantime I am already trying with Omega 3 flour from Vrindavan along with doda paneer and will share the hba1a at the end of quarter.

  • what is Omega 3 flour and what is Vrindavan pls?

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  • Please share all your long wheat recipes. In Kerala, supply of ling wheat is no issue. Available in grocery shops of even small towns. I get it from Alappuzha for 80 bucks.

  • can you please elaborate on your daily diets as ur results are perfect even w/o medicine. we are having heavy medicine and no results. pls let u sknow. regards

  • Diet is 1/3, medication 1/3, exercise is the other 1/3. Pls consult shooter George and medfree, i am their student and still struggling to keep things under control.

  • Dear Devederagarwal, Please go to members > sugu > posts and then read my post eight months ago "diabetes under control without drugs true story" and my other posts. Many times I have shared my diet routine.

  • is it grown there? What do they call it? Is it sold whole or as flour or as broken (Dalia). What is Alappuzha?

  • Alleppey is a city famous famous and even more famous. Sorry for my poor GK

  • You should stick to this long wheat floor diet for three months, test your blood & urine every month (both fasting and PPBS), and publish your findings thereafter, if you want to seriously share with those who are diabetics.

    Meantime, could you email me where I can procure long wheat flour at Bangalore, or even from your source? My e mail id is

    Regards and best wishes,

    N.Narasimhan .

  • Why don't you get it from Kerala which is closeby. I understand it sells in every grocery there. I am in Pune - if you dont succeed ask Peace7 she will give you the way to get it, i had given her all details.She got it shipped to her city and will guide better.

  • As you enter yeshwanthpur market there is a general store. you get it there.

  • Thanks. Could you kindly let me know the name of the store and neighbourhood land marks?

    Regards & best wishes,


  • At the Yeshwanthpur market circle. Bombay stores.

  • Thanks. I will immediately locate the store and buy.

    Best wishes,


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