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First morsel of long wheat

Friends..typing with left hand.....

just had first morsel of Long wheat chappati....Last week I bought some 5 Kgs of long wheat from Pune local market.Added some 250Gms of fenugreek seeds and making chapattis. It tastes good.

Hey anyways if I am eating one/two chapattis a day...why not eat those made of long wheat....

hahahaha just hoping that my diabetes will get cured.....(मरता क्या न करता ??)

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Mr Shooter George sir.....Plz wish me best luck......

Anupjee and MikePollard I also seek best wishes form you both plz......


All the best. Keep us posted about the progress


Sure....Now it has become my daily routine to check FBS every morning...

If it is working....we will see results soon...

Now days my FBS is hovering around 100 to 110

Let us see how long wheat is going to help me.

Further why there is so much confusion over identifying long wheat???

It is freely available in Pune market.Many ppl knows about this wheat.

Even my maid even after seeing the dough recognized its long wheat/Khapali wheat.


Thank you every one.....who wants to participate in my next venture???


Good luck @ Cure

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"Friends..typing with left hand....." why ...right hand is busy in kneading long wheat dough :D ... my apologies to serious readers... I am trying to put "tarka" of humor :D


LOL....yeah.....actually its non veg joke we use to do...when we were in hostel.....right hand is busy in doing some thing more important ;-) now u guess what....

But well this time I was having my first lunch with long wheat..... so right hand was busy...hehehehe


Thanx Jeffy


हाथ कंगन को आरसी क्या और पढ़े लिखे को फ़ारसी क्या ।

I am taking my everyday fasting sugar for last 2 months.Today my fasting sugar was 103.And  one hour after lunch (normal wheat 1.5 small chaptti plus lots of subjee and small 3"x2" piece of Puran poli) 138 and after 2hrs 15 mts 123.

This was same what I had on 6th march 2016.

Now from tomorrow I will be eating long wheat chapatti instead of normal wheat chapatti.

If Long wheat is helpful the results will be seen in fasting and PP blood sugar readings.

Sugar meter will tell if Long wheat works or not.

हाथ कंगन को आरसी क्या????

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Hmmmm since yesterday I am on Long wheat diet....I mean eating long wheat chapattis.

But some where I read that unless I consume sufficient quantity of Long wheat....I will not get results...

And that sufficient quantity is as per Georgejee is 1 GM/per Kg of body weight.

I am at present 95 KG. So 95 Gms.

One chapatti is about 40 Gms?? So I should consume 2.5 chapttis. ok ??

What if I eat little more or little less??

 I will not get results???

George sir Plz comment


By next Sunday or before that I will give my FBS results while on Long wheat diet.


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