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message o mr george on diabetic cure -LWM

message o mr george on diabetic cure -LWM

Dear mr george.

my name is abdul rahman from calicut.first of all congratulations on your excellent work on LWD And diabetes cure. although i is a know factor that LWM is a very effective for diabetes,

your study is so systematic and informative and i hope i will be a great help for chronic dia patients .

in fact,i started the diet few days before i see our posting thro a aryavaidian .

I am having dia for last 30 years and I am on ACTRAPID-Rapid acting insulin three times -15 UNITS and one time 32 units LANTUS daily and sill then myblood sugar level was 8.9.(HbA1C).I AM 64 YEARS OLD wih 165 cm And a CAD patient.

Wih LWMD I have noted marked difference in m sugar level and now without insulin my FBS IS 200 AND PPBS AROUND 250.I is onl 10 days now on his diet and one kasayam and I am regularly watching the sugar level.i know this value is higher but such a large qty of insulin I could get only about 160 mg.

Now my question to ou is can you elaborate our diet items for lunch, breakfast and dinner. as you know there is a severe food restriction and I am not supposed to use hot,sore,swee t and many items including curd,lemon, nuts and so on. this is part of a CAD treatment to remove

Blocks in artery and I would like to extent it for your proposal on diabetic cure too. Hence my questions,

I shall appreciate very much our help and we shall monitor my results which will help you to proceed further your mission on diabetes cure project

Hoping o hear from you soon.

C a rahman


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will you please repeat this LWM diet? It seems I have missed it. Thanks


so far no info recd about LWM


I got long wheat from Bangalore.only 10 days results are quite encouraging my fbs is now 90 to 100''


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