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Vindicating Saturated Fat Will Not Reduce Heart Disease

Interesting one for those who scare people away from FAT:


Slowly people are waking up ... but the money invested in CARB and Pharma industry is too huge so it will take time but it will happen. It's happening on diabetic forums across the world and when patients start taking health in their own hands, doctors shy away from indiscriminately writing pills.

Low Carb High fat Diet is great for diabetics (including diabetes of Brain -- Alzheimer's


Those who says SAFA is bad for heart here's a BIG Study which could not prove anything!


So SWITCH TO LOW CARB HIGH FAT DIET -- LCHF. If HIGH CARB LOW FAT DIET has already clogged your arteries, then Low carb High fat diet is not for you because CARB has already done the irreversible damage ... all you can do is start restricting carbs and find means to fill yourself ...

FAT doesn't clog arteries, CARBS for sure do because CHD/CVD/Diabetes/Obesity has all increased after LOW FAT FAD came into existence.

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Low carb, High Fiber , Medium Protein & Low fat ( high Omega-3) diet is the best for diabetes.

Mahesh Khandelwal


Morning 8 AM - Almonds-10-15+ Ground Nut- 20Pcs+ Roasted- Bengal Gram & Rice( Muri)-20 Grams.; 10 AM - Fruit;s-200 grams OR Fruit Shake- Guava / Straberry / apple/ Chiku / banana/ papaya. 11.30 -12 Noon - Gajar + Saljam Juice - 300 ml ; Lunch - salad - 200 gram , Boiled veg-200 grams ; Sprouted beens- 50 grams; Sprouted fenugreek seed- 15 grams ; Raita-200 Grams. Til laddu - 25 grams . 3-4 PM : tea 1/2 Cup, normal ; Dinner : Soup - 200ml , Salad - 300 grams, veg-200 grams ; Roti 2 Nos- 100 grams of Mixed Grain inclued Flex seed & fenugreek seed ; Til laddu -25 grams. One cup of Milk.

This all will fetch about 1400 to 1600 calorie. High Fiber , Low carb, medium Protein & fat + Omega-3. I am not using Ghee in extra. Oil used is Sarson & Til OR cow's butter.


kclvbn: I cannot take your diet I am diabetic


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