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Follow 10 Vital Tips to Control Diabetes

While looking for tips to control diabetes, I was fortunate to had an access to a nice article by Nina McGowan, featured at the website of American Diabetes Services (Topmost free diabetic supplier) in Miami, FL. They have offered various tips with which diabetes can be controlled. Diabetes, as known, can result in more complicacies and therefore, it needs to be controlled. Tips being suggested by them to control diabetes are enumerated as under:

Tips to control diabetes:

1.Regular eating habits: Diabetics need to maintain proper timing to have their meals as prescribed by their physicians. It is important to keep a control on eating habits in order to keep level of blood sugar under control.

2.Monitoring blood sugar regularly: It is again important to monitor blood sugar level twice or thrice daily prior to eating meals. Reporting these numbers to respective physicians would help them to offer you appropriate advices with eating and other habits as well.

3.Taking medication properly: Proper medication is necessary to be taken under diabetes. As recommended by physician, it becomes important to take medication on time. Also it is important to check expiry dates and warnings. This is another good step to keep diabetes under control.

4.Exercising regularly: Consult with respective physicians and with his/her approval, begin exercising on regular basis. Walking, swimming, dancing etc are simply best for controlling the problem. Exercising regularly for nearly 1 hour after dinner or breakfast is good to improve insulin in human body controlling diabetes.

5.Check labels in food items: It has been recommended to check the labels in food items. Check into the quantity of fats, calories etc. Such things are important to keep the disease under control.

6.Heart diseases: Most of the heart diseases are caused by diabetes and even can result in serious complications and at times death of patients. But keeping a check on blood sugar levels can help in avoiding the problem.

7.Proper selection of food items: It might be known to all diabetics and in fact being recommended by physicians as well. Just do proper selection of food items like avoid candies, sugary desserts etc. Remember always to eat in lesser quantity.

8.Carbohydrate count in food: It is important to know about amount of carbohydrates in food that you have. Controlling carbs in diet is must for diabetics to lessen level of blood sugar. Using measuring cups or glasses for rice, pasta, soups etc is important.

9.A1c Hemoglobin: It is the number to measure sugar in body within 3 months telling upto what extent diabetes is in under control.

10.Feet examination: Diabetic patients are likely to face feet problems and therefore it is important to keep a check on it. Wearing shoes are must that can help in controlling to a great extent.

Learning from the tips:

Thanks to American Diabetes Services that has given us nice tips to control diabetes. Following the tips can help controlling diabetes, and preventing further problems. I am going to try it out and suggest my companion sufferers to follow the tips.

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All the above tips are very good. In order to control the diabetis, one has to adopt few of the above tips and maintrain the sugar.


useful and informative


Useful tips no doubt. While selecting your food items, take care to avoid refined oils. These contain omega-6 acids which harden the arteries and lead to early cardiac complications. Unrefined 'kachi ghani ka tel" (unrefined oils) are good.




To control blood sugar level all tips are useful and informative.


No oil is good try to learn cooking without oil dr chhajer from Delhi written 500 dishes without oil saaol clinic Delhi thx


Constant monitoring 10 point factors control and seems practicable for me


Thank you for publish very usefull tips for dibetics.


Thanks a lot.pl also answer the questions raised by ussuman


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