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Second simple information about DIABETES for simple understanding

Second simple information about DIABETES for simple understanding

Dear All

This has been my observation that we are totally concentrating on the Diabetes –its control and alternative means to get rid off DIABETES.

But we forget that the Diabetes never walk alone , it from the day one while stays in body starts building the Castles else where .Why I have used the word castle ? because castle takes years to get build . Like wise the diabetes wrks on same principle .

The unseen , touchable , and un noticed style there are many side effects developing simultaneously. And we and the doctors do not touch or care the un foreseen issues and are being ignored .

What are we doing to protect our body …………………

Some says Yoga , some says walking and some says controlled diet < all are correct – HOW ? the simple answer is more you have to work to burn the calories what you have consumed – and less intake of carbohydrates etc >

But another simple FACT – What you consume is utilized and rest un useful is thrown out of body. There are still un noticed and unseen undetectable Toxins remain in body . What are we doing to remove the toxin ?????????????????????????

There are certain detectors and means to see the presence of Toxins and this can be done at your home . You can test them – These toxins work to damage your skins , hairs ,eyes and kidneys , and of course your sexual desires and drives . It effects the mental thoughts .There are specific treatments .

To the best of my knowledge The Allopathic medicines are best to control your sugar burning as aids to deficiencies in your body .

The surgery also helps - it helps in a way your consumed food is byepassed –i.e if you eat 100 gms 60 percent does not enter the process of digestion so actually your body utilizes 30-40 % so no need to strain for exercise this work is taken up by surgical means

Ayurveda the walk of turtle works but slowly and not equally to all ( in few people it may have good results and in others as per different physiology of individuals percentage of effect vary.

But important to know at this step –

1.Suppose the flowers are the portion works against the diabetes ( but it too has side effects but the rest part of the total plant as anti toxins for side affects of Flower --- and the ayurvedic medicines are given are in dilution i.e The medicine consumed contain the flowers + stem + leaves so 50 gm of medicine contain 2-4 gms of flowers rest is the rest part )


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