Diabetic neuropathy, general information.

People with diabetes can over time develop nerve damage through out the body. Some people with nerve damage have no symptoms. Others may have symptoms as pain, tingling or numbness in hands,arms,feet and legs. Nerve problem can occur in every organ system including digestive tract,heart and sex organs.

About 60-70% of people with diabetes have some form of neuropathy. The risk rises with age and longer duration of diabetes. Neuropathy is more common in people who have uncontrolled diabetes,high level of blood fat and high blood pressure and who are overweight,smoke or take alcohol.


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17 Replies

  • Very important topic.I hope everyone on the forum throws more light on this.

  • Neuropathy can be metabolic or vascular . though the difference is not much . Initial symptoms are pain and numbness .But neuromuscular syndromes resembling peripheral poly neuropathy can be found in patients who receive excessive insulin . Insulinoma is responsible for the problem in some cases .Some drugs could also have resulted in the state of neuropathy . Any way after having a thorough check up the cause can be found out .The easiest solution is control of blood glucose . 4.8 mmd/L , is the normal limit. Eating more of plant based diets ,having good sleep of seven hours per day ,stress free life , natural and and not too strenuous physical activity , no over eating are the measures to be taken for controlling high blood glucose levels.

  • What should be the daily food habits at breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • I got a measure of 70 grams cup . With that I measure one cup of rice and one cup of any dal like tur dal , green gram dal or bengal gram dal . I pressure cook dal with any greens . I take that for lunch and dinner .That comes to 35 grams of dal and 35 grams of carbs per meal .Morning I have a breakfast with multigrains ,whole grains roti .and coffee with 2 tea spoons of sug per cup . Roti comes to 25 grams carbs .. AT 10 am in morning I have a cup of coffee with 2 teaspoons of sugar . IN the evening I have a plantain and 4 dates . At night after food I take an orange .Some days when I have a desire I go for chacolates (two numbers ) and on that day I don't take plantain.Daily I have curds 500 ml.divided in to two portions , taken morning and evening after lunch and dinner .Dal is cooked with tamarind leaves , palak leaves , fenugreek leaves , amaranth leaves , drumstick leaves ,or any other leaves fresh leaves .Vegetables any variety I take only of 100 grams cooked and seasoned with little oil .Usually I don't feel hungry in between with this fare . If I feel I take an orange or butter milk . I don't go for walnuts , almonds etc . I eat chikki made of groundnuts or sesame seeds in the mid morning session . This fare gives roughly 1300 to 1400 calories . Calorie count is important in the sense ,otherwise we do not know whether we are taking too much food .Diabetics can 't handles carbs is a wrong notion according to me . Any thing in excess of body needs turns in to fat reserves and there it adds to obesity . Being overweight is the source of any health risk .Excess fat may get used by the body in the initial period of ------- let us say honeymoon period as put by my doctor friend . After wards where do the calories go . One argument could be the daily intake of fats gets spent daily. Then the same logic extends to any food . What might have given good results to some people may not ggive same results to all . If this post is not palatable to some it can be ignored . There is no compulsion from any source what so ever from any body to even read . This is a free forum and all of us have equal right to express our views and experiences as long as it is not a direct or indirect insult to any one .

  • Where 1300 to 1400 caloric need is given ,this is the diet chart as per my understanding and practice. . IT could be altered according to the need . For example in case of 2000 calories a few changes in the intake with in the frame work of ratios of proteins , carbs and fats can be made. Coupled with moderate physical activity it would keep the blood glucose levels in limit as per my experience .

  • I am sorry to ask if you are a diabetic ?

  • no ,as per the endocrinologist ,That's what intrigues me . why random sugar is 135 or 152 or 165 . It keeps on changing with same diet , same schedule . My mother and grand mother were diabetics . When I came to the forum , I got different feed back reports from different people . I never checked fasting BG . Since I don't want to end up a diabetic I started paying serious attention to all the opinions .I have prepared the diet chart and started following it .Even my mother or grand mother never had any diabetic complications with restricted but nutritional food intake and homeopathic medicines by a family doctor. One possible reason could be stress leading to changes in readings due to professional and familial pressures . Even then random sugar never went up beyond 165 . Mostly it is 135 to 150 . Immediately I could sense the difference due to the pressure of stress .My doctor tells me ''it can't be diabetes because it is not going beyond 165 and the levels keep change with in that limit as yourself can make out by the tension you undergo and you are not under any medication except herbs ''I feel the explanation is logical as he is family friend and he is interested only in the well being of the patients.

  • Please go for fasting and pp sugar as well as HbA1c. It is always better to know than to remain uncertain .

  • Thank you.

  • swathy

    " If this post is not palatable to some it can be ignored . There is no compulsion from any source what so ever from any body to even read . This is a free forum and all of us have equal right to express our views and experiences as long as it is not a direct or indirect insult to any one ." It's not a question of palatability. This forum is for giving right guidance. Whatever you write here you should be able to prove / explain scientifically. You can't misguide people.

    "Diabetics can 't handles carbs is a wrong notion according to me ". Then tell us what is diabetes. You have not answered my questions yet.

    1) what do you call diabetes ?

    2) what is inevitability of carbs in diet ?

    "One argument could be the daily intake of fats gets spent daily". Who said that ? Here or anywhere.

    "I never checked fasting BG . Since I don't want to end up a diabetic I started paying serious attention to all the opinions " who opined to eat lots of carbs - rice, chikkies, dates, little oil etc ? Your diet chart is full of carbs. A certain way to end up with D complications. Your reports will decide if you are D or not. First find out if you are D or not. That's for your health and self interest.

    This forum is not an arena. We should talk what we can prove scientifically.

  • And sugar levels of 150's, 160's is definitely not non diabetic :)

    I would faint the day I start seeing those numbers regularly as a diabetic.

    People talk of 2 mangoes a day. I ate 100 grams grapes (one mango certainly weights more than double of that) recently for testing and my readings were 165. Now can anyone in right mind tell me how grapes is healthy for me?

    Just because Ayurveda or Rishi & Munis ate something (kand mul) and so someone says something doesn't make it non questionable. Problem is they don't like talking based on data. For them data is wrong, science is wrong only their opinion is paramount.

    Ask for science and they start evading questions and switch goal posts.

    FATS do not get metabolized as fast as CARBS, except for MCT. So, even there they are just speculating to defend something indefensible.

    Some lady got so upset with my posts that over PM she called me a LIAR because she finds it hard to believe that I am on no medications. With such people you can never talk reason. Happened around a yer back :)

  • The forum is meant for providing information but not for giving wrong advises in the name of science . Diabetes is the result of excess eating . When eaten in the form of carbs it is turned in to carbs GLUCOSE , when eaten in the form of excess proteins GLUCAGON excess food damages kidneys , when eaten in the form of fats it turns in to something different and gives some other result. The only cure is stopping excess in take of food after certain age .Eating and doing excess exercise or eating and taking medicines or insulin is not the solution . Whether eating mangoes or grapes is eating under greed only .If any thing in excess is taken ,the same has to be rectified by drastically cutting some other item in daily food.After loosing many close people to diabetes , I started observing symptoms , causes , reliefs . IT is science only . Just because it is not conducted in labs with public money it can not be brushed aside .Diabetes is a punishment given by nature to stop excess greed for food in case of type2 . In case of type 1 it is the result of genetic punishment . wE , THE MEMBERS of our group have taken up extensive study with regular monitering with various experiments . DR Suramo , bye.

  • swathy

    You have your speculations. "Diabetes is the result of excess eating ."Hi...ghly speculative.

    You have to write your own science. Lab results must corroborate what you say. Nothing personal here.

    You never answer questions and get offended very often.

    "I started observing symptoms , causes , reliefs . IT is science only". Nobody would believe that.

    Gud luk to you and your followers.

  • 200,000 on diabetes UK forum is obviously not science for them. Dr Unwin got awarded for studying diabetics on LCHF on forum. It was some BMJ award, can't recall exactly. They would call even Even Dr Unwin and his advise wrong as it does not fit into their line of thinking. They simply don't have any data and thus detest it in any form. Period.

    50% carbs and 50% proteins to a 14 year old Type 1 is science for them and when asked for their version of science behind such a grossly WRONG advise, they get offended and quickly start changing goal post. They claim to have studies on a lot of people, but provide no data.

    There's one Doctor M V Prasad in south. He says eat sugar and do exercise to manage diabetes/ wake up sleeping pancreas. A new science :)

  • @Anup

    Almost all endos advise to eat carbs and sugar. Saying glucose is essential for brain. They need to speculate and upgrade their knowledge. Only if they observe that many people esp jains do very long religious fastings - for days and a few for months but their mental functions remain normal. Even muslims don't swallow even saliva during ramzan. So strict fasting but nobody has impairment of brain functions. Body makes enough glucose for those parts of brain which utilize glucose exclusively.

  • There are a few doctors in India who don't buy that "sugar vs brain" nonsense and they are organizing seminars regularly. Here's a latest seminar from Bangalore:


    You will find one of us sharing the dais with the doctors. So, the world is listening as e are talking science and challenging the paradigm of High Carb Low Fat :)

    I would suggest that you start organizing such seminars in Gujarat and challenge the mainstream. easier for you to do as a doctor :)

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