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Adopted LCHF Diet since one month, my FBS & PP are within limites (100 & 125) but before dinner its 125 & 2 hours after dinner its 155

To Sh. Medfree,

Kindly advise , what can be the reason. I have adopted LCHF diet, go for 1 hour walk in evening before dinner. My medication is Gemer DS2, before breakfast, Vingose Met (0.3) after lunch and both again during dinner time.


I am 52 and D from last 5 years.

Awaiting your response.



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I have eliminated Rice, Wheat, Millets, Corn, Oats , all grains.

I would follow your suggestion of going for a walk after 40 minutes of Dinner and report to you the results.

One more clarification, though my carbs intake is reduced drastically, I am not able to increase my Fat intake though i take 25 gm processed cheese during Breakfast. What are the ways to increase Fat intake. I take around 100 grms of Nuts (Almonds, Walnuts and Peanuts) a day. In fruits , I normally take 2 Apples , 1 Kiwi, 1 bowl of Papaya and/or a pear.

I am trying to switch over to green tea with lemon from Black tea, as suggested by you.


I think you are too severe on reducing carbohydrates.It is not as if you are not producing any insulin.Consider having about 100 to 120 grams of carbs per day.You may not face any shortage of insulin and your calorie intake through carbs will be less than 30 % of your daily need.Whole grain cereals like wheat,ragi etc give you many essential nutrients also.Please revaluate your diet pattern.


Please add Dalia to your regular diet for at least 21 days ,

stop consuming salt and sugar completely , have black tea/cofee without sugar/artificial sweetener.

Take chandraprabhavati 2 times a days before meal every day.

consume dry haldi powder and amla powder (1/2 spoon ) before one hour of meal .

Please perform Vajrasnana posture immediately after every meal for ten to fifteen mins. This will help you to digest additional sugar of your body


Your sugar levels are pretty good for a Diabetic. Your post dinner level of 155 is not bad either. Higher levels after dinner will ensure better sleep and also prevent early hours hypoglycemia . You may start drinking Green Tea with Cinnamon after lunch and dinner which will control your sugar levels extremely well. You can increase your intake of complex carbs as well. You can think of Soya nuggets for protein and also Egg white if you are a non vegetarian. Don't put too much of your mind in to evaluating your sugar levels as stress will increase your sugar levels. Relax and watch any comedy channels daily which will do wonders .


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