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What should be taken to correct the numbness of the toes / Any advice on the strength of Folic Acid caps / other medicine for its correction

Any advice as to what strength of Folic Acid capsules or any other medicine should be taken for the numbness of toes..I am from New Delhi ..... Also the name through which it is sold . Weather available in its Generic form. At present I am taking Pregalin capsules which has pregalin IP150 mg and methylcobalamin750 mcg , I also take mecofol plus which has methylcobalamin 1500 mcg+ alpha lipoic acid 100mg+folic acid 1.5mg+pyridoxine hydrochloride 3 mg.. Both capsules once a day is at present taken . Both toes and both feet fingers still have numbness. There has been some improvements after six months of taking above capsules though numbness still persists in the fingers of the front both toes ... I had read in one of the earlier posts about taking a capsule of Folic Acid 300 mg once a day as such this query. I would be extremely obliged if any inputs on this or any other tested medicine is available also if any thing on this is shared or if there are similar experiences / advice on what would be best for combating this (numbness).... .. .... Thanking you in anticipations ...... Jayant Vedi ....... New Delhi


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