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I am a diabetic patient and live in Chennai, South India, and it is under control 80 fasting and pp 150 with medication.

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I am having a problem of neuro. i.e. soft foot and cramp and numbness leg fingers and foot. I am taking medicine like 'amaryl m2 for diabetic, rexite plus and gebecasic M for neuro as per Dr.Advice.

This is due to heavy smoking earlier and now cut down to l0 nos a day. and trying to give it up.

I have tried with Aurvedic and Sidda medicines in India, and no one guaranteed.

I am thinking to go for HERB Treatment. Shall be thankful if you could kindly give me a lead contact number and address in India.

Can any one please suggest me further in this regard?

Please suggest or advice me how to avoid and give up 'smoking' and

avert the problem of 'cramp, numbness and softness of the foot'?

Thanks in advance

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I have a Doctor friend,Homeopath, who can definitely help you.He would not give you medicines but nutritional/food supliments. I am from Chennai.If interested U can contact me 09841023176.My friend's father (65yrs old) who had pp of 210 was given supplements and it came down to 163 in 1 month.He is hale & healthy -Giridhar

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My Dear Giridhar ji, Goodafternoon. Thank u. I need the contact address of Homeo. I will call on u today evening. I am having a problem of dia with neuro. Mostly numbness and cramp of foot and some time pain and numbness of fingers.

I once again thank u.

With regards,



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Thank You, Rcchada ji.

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for giving up smoking, try Nicroret chewing gum available only in pharamacies. You may also contact your doc regarding this nicroret. I gave up Gutka with the help of this

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You are still smoking? Stop it by any means. I was a chain smoker and got heart attack and later diabetes. Smoking increases diabetes all of a sudden the moment you smoke your first cigarette in morning it self when you are diabetes.increases your sugar level.. You will feel thirst, sweating chillness, restlessness,crave for more food in spite of raising sugar and fear sensation and all such symptoms as a diabetes. You have to get rid of that habit if you want to live longer and to control your diabetes. As an exception you may have only one cigarette before going to bed as consolation and satisfaction but definitely not in the mooring or mid periods.because it will raise your sugar level and induce you to smoke further. Good luck that you quit smoking like me and have moderate control of diabetes.

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Your mucluar cramp and pain inlegs is a symptom of blockade of blood vessels with sugar.Also you might have had malarial attack in you life time once gone un treated or improper follow up afted the attack. Quinine is good for such cramps . Please get advice of doctor with your previous health history and see if he recommends quinine treatment with proiper doses and he alone is competent to prescribe.

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ms49mani in reply to Vittalanand

thanks a lot. I have been trying to quit 'S'. Sometime 10 to 12 hours, i do not smoke a day and thereafter picked up. Anyhow, I once again thank u. Regards.

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I get pain in my legs,looks to be tired being Diabtic please advise any homeo or Aurvedic medicine

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Acupressure and accupuncture sure will treat you.

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Thank U,

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