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When we talk about the word''Exercise''each one of us has a different view about it.In simple language it is any form of physical activity that includes anything which gets one moving.It can include anything from walking,dancing,gardening,moving in the yard,climbing stairs ,to play a sport or going to gym.But how many of us really exercise?Ask yourself.For most of us it's the ''laziness''in us which holds us back from doing any activity that definitely can benefit us in the long run.

One can earn the benefits of being physically active without going to a gym,plying a sport or using fancy equipments.When one is physically fit he/she has the strength,flexibility and energy required for day to day activities.Being physically active not only makes one feel better physically but mentally too.Along with diet and medication ''EXERCISE''constitutes an important mode of treatment of diabetes.It benefits a diabetic in many ways.There is a sense of well being and improvement in body shape and posture with exercise.Exercise not only helps to lose weight but also boost the morale of a diabetic.

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very true. .Exeersize is very helpfull.Also Do Yoga and meditation.


Thank u sir------yoga and meditation also help to reduce sugar level---


sir best advice moments of body all parts to be covered in morning only best


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