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What kind of exercise can a diabetic do?

Like any non-diabetic, a diabetic without complication, can do any exercise. It is advisable to perform aerobic exercise like brisk walking. Other aerobics like jogging, bicycling, swimming, gardening, dancing etc are also great ways to get some exercise. Flexibility exercises, also called stretching, help to keep joints flexible and reduce chances of injury during other activities.

Children & younger people can play outdoor games like Cricket, Badminton, Tennis, and Football.

For diabetics having arthritis, heart disease, obesity, old age, and corn/calluses on the feet walking may be difficult. For them, upper body exercise involving more of upper limb and trunk is advisable. They can also undertake non-weight bearing exercise of the lower limbs.

Those who cannot spare time for exercise; there are many opportunities to be active throughout the day like walk instead of drive whenever possible, take the stairs instead of the elevator, work in the garden or do some housecleaning every day, park the vehicle at the far end of the shopping centre lot and walk to the store.

Choose an activity that you enjoy and that is convenient for you, so that you will more likely to stay with your exercise program.

It is important to note that before initiating exercise program, diabetes should be well under control.

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Agree but two points.!.People with walking disability may consider aqua-aerobics if they have access to a pool.You can watch videos on You tube about this.2.We exercise to bring diabetes under control.Right?So,waiting for diabetes to come under control to start exercising may cause delay.Please throw some light on this aspect.A very well written blog.


Regular exercise for a diabetic patient is very helpful, I Know. But I don't Know the way of measuring the amount of exercise for which one cannot face unlimited fall of sugar-level.


I am 72 years. Evennow i sweep the garden daily morning & water. Since I was affected by stroke 15 years back I do walking daily simple exercise my sugar level under contrl. last week it was 85/115


Regular exercise is very useful

, this we know but I have one question and that at what time the medicine one should take 1. Before breakfast & 2 before or after dinner ?


walk a mile in the morning and same in the evening.


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