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Is Divya Madhunashini Vati by Patanjali a good remedy for diabetes?

Hello everybody......I am a 45 years old man and somewhat overweight. Recently it was found that my sugar level reading was 106 at fasting. I haven't yet done the PP though but when randomly checked it was found to be 226. I want to know if the Divya Madhunashini Vati by Patanjali will be useful in combating diabetes for me? Please offer your valuable suggestions.

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101% true!

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Yes. I have started taking this tablets one month back n it has given very good results.

My fasting reading became 112 From 145 and after lunch it reduced to 147 from 185...


What is this Kikar Panchang churan and where it is availab;le?


It was nice talking to you on the phone. Thanks Mr. Bassan


Kikar means babool.....

It is acacia genus....in acacia genus there are many species....Kikar is general term applied to all acacia trees.


Great results...Madhunashini controlled sugar of my wife appreciably . For me Mukta Vati has done wonders...from average 135-140 to 95-97 ....using MuktaVati helped it bring down ..within 2-3 days of usage to about 115-110 to 78-82...consistently....There is vested interests to keep criticizing ayurvedic medicines for obvious commercial interests of MNCs drug makers...


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