Is Divya Madhunashini Vati by Patanjali a good remedy for diabetes?

Hello everybody......I am a 45 years old man and somewhat overweight. Recently it was found that my sugar level reading was 106 at fasting. I haven't yet done the PP though but when randomly checked it was found to be 226. I want to know if the Divya Madhunashini Vati by Patanjali will be useful in combating diabetes for me? Please offer your valuable suggestions.

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  • NO.

    Diet is the key.

    Cut down carbs and replace with good fat.

  • 101% true!

  • it helps somewhat. exercise and good control in food habit is important. Good control means you take sweet, mango, orange, alcohol only if your sugar fasting is below 100.

  • Yes. I have started taking this tablets one month back n it has given very good results.

    My fasting reading became 112 From 145 and after lunch it reduced to 147 from 185...

  • What is this Kikar Panchang churan and where it is availab;le?

  • It was nice talking to you on the phone. Thanks Mr. Bassan

  • Kikar means babool.....

    It is acacia acacia genus there are many species....Kikar is general term applied to all acacia trees.

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