Four pillars for diabetic health

The four pillars for diabetic health are : Aahar (optimum nutrition), Bichar (positive attitude), Bishram (adequate rest), Byayam (regular excercise). I m enjoying a normal life 4 last 9 years after knowing that I m a diabetic with ppbs 425. The book ' What your Doctor does not know about nutritional medicine may be killing you' by Dr R D Strand may be a helpful guide for those who are much dependent on medicine and/or who wants prevention. Diabetic died not by eating, but generally died by not eating .


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  • but some medic ens also required good advice for diabetic

  • I take Diabecure and M M Forte from Bajrang Ayurved along with Nutritional suppliments from Nutrilite (AAHAR), Meditation from Brahmakumaries(BICHAR), 7 hours rest (BISHRAM),Pranayam from Baba Ramdev (Byayam). The combination is a miracle for me. It helped others too. No Allopathy no strict restriction of food. I m looking younger than before( I m 53 now).

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