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Kapal Bhati Pranayam & Diabetics

Kapal Bhati Pranayam & Diabetics

Kapal Bhati Pranayam & Diabetics ...........It Activates Pancreas and increases secretion of insulin

How to do this breathing exercise ----------

STEP 1:Sit in any posture comfortable to you . Keep your back straight and rest your hands on your thighs. Relax the muscles in your face in stomach.

STEP 2: Inhale deeply through your nostrils . Breathe without any additional effort until your lungs are full and then exhale forcefully through your nostrils as well. You can do ten repetitions of this breathing exercise and make sure to take a break between each round especially if you feel a bit lightheaded.

Kapalbhati is beneficial to your health but this breathing exercise has restrictions too. Those who have heart ailments, hernia, and asthma or someone experiencing dizziness should stop doing this exercise. It’s advisable to consult your yoga teacher about your health before you do this exercise. Kapalbhati is not your ordinary breathing exercise, so it’s best to learn this under the supervision of a professional.

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I would like to believe that kapalbhati can help in reactivating the pancreas and improve the functioning of the beta cells. I have been at it for several years. I did not experience any significant improvement. But, I am continuing. A word of caution to beginners. Please learn to do it correctly. It should be 60 times a minute. If you over do and increase the pace, there is a risk of your heart mimicking the same and your pulse rate can increase abnormally which is termed as tachycardia. I have gone through this phenomenon and corrected the same. Do not do only kapalbhatti. Start with bastrika, do kapalbhatti and end with anulomvilon. This sequence is the right thing. Oxygenated and cleansed blood cells should do good to any one.


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