Hai sir! I am shameena from Madurai. I am reading about your health and recovery of diabetics. What is long wheat? and where is it available? What is the price of long wheat? How can I prepare it? What is long wheat in tamil? Could you please answer to my questions?


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  • Really its miracle. Please give some tips every like this for all.

  • Long Wheat in tamil - samba wheat (unbroken). price /kg - 75-80rps

    LWMDR - Longwheat mash diet

    Take long wheat 1kg = 1gm ( ex ; if your body weight 70kg = 70gm).

    preparation of LWMDR:

    take one portion of long wheat along with six portion of water ( 1:6 ratio).put in to cooker with medium flame, one whistle came out from cooker then simm or low the flame cook for 45 min. take mixie to grind cooked long wheat along with cooked water, you will get Long wheat mash.

    note: prepare LWMDR to cook separately for breakfast & dinner

  • Do you take any thing else with LWMDR like Raw / boiled vegetables ?


  • Long Wheat in Tamilnadu is called "Samba Kothumai" and it costs Rs.73 per kg.

  • I am preparing LWMDR is sightly different method. Soak the samba wheat over night, grind them in the same soaked water and put it in a vessel having thick bottom and boil them for ten minutes.

    All other things like water, wheat etc is exactly as 'sanrpt" explained. I feel this is easy to prepare.

  • Please type SHOOTER GEORGE and see the details you want and also where it is available in Pune.

  • Posted

    3 days ago. by. Girbuji09

    Call Mr. Vithal Gangaram from Pune he will deliver it to you at your home. his number is +919850766330 ask him for khapli gehu.

  • Checked with 2 Vendors .

    Mansukhlal ChuniLal . charging 100 inr / kg

    Vithal Gangaram . Charging 800 inr / kg

    Please advice .

  • Sorry it is 80 inr / kg not 800.

  • You can take either way. Please type SHOOTER GEORGE and see all his postings with photos. சம்பா wheat available in Nilgiris departmental store. You can take vegetables or fish or chicken or mutton or eggs anything with LWMDR. But no starchy vegetables.

  • cooking LW maybe followed in different ways as posted by Shooter George in his article about LW. any curry maybe taken with LW. consider Lw as rice, and enjoy with any curry of your choice. weight loss and control of BS is positive.

  • where could I get long wheat in Kolkata? Please tell me the Bengali/Marwari/Hindi name of long wheat. Thank you.

    Himangshu Paul

  • Please type SHOOTER GEORGE and see the different names in different languages and availability at various regions.

  • Thank you very much for your kind reply sir. Really it will be very useful for all the diabetic patients like me .

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