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Acupressure and Pranayam can prevent and Cure diabetic side effects

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Medicines work based on chemical composition of the body. Pranayam and acupressure works based on internal functions of the body and self healing capacity.

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Your concept is very powerful But how we know. Please send detail on dibeties

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Here are famous Acupressure practictioners in India

Dr Devendra Vora from Mumbai.

Dr P B Lohiya from Aurangabad

Dr h Bhojraj from Bangalore

All these people conduct trainings and treatment.

Before going to them I suggest one should read the Book "Health in your Hands" Volume 1 by Dr Devendra Vora. It is available online at a cost of 100 rupees . This should change the approach of diabetes and also other diseases. Also you can get more information from Internet about them.

Sir, they are both very efficacious in controlling all sorts of chronic and constitutional diseases. But they may not be self practiced except under the guidance of a qualified master or those who know about them. Nice suggestion and advice.

Yes initially for a week we need guidance of expert or a person who is practicing them peacefully and rythmically. Rest we can practice on our own. Regarding Acupressure it is matter of 15 days to understand the basics . There is no harm in doing it.

The basic thing about walking, pranayam, etc is to be regular and never miss a single session. After learning from a teacher, it can be done all alone also.

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It is true. There are numerous lifestyles and everyone may be seriously thinking about doing this but may not be implementing. If we make few people to follow this practices they will certainly influence other few. My strong wish is to change lifestyle of at least 100 people who had diabetes. Then they will influence many.

If you go through that site you will get more idea about what it is . But I suggest you should also purchase a book "Health in your Hands" by Dr Devendra Vora. Dont be in a hurry . Plan some good time to understand and practice them. You will not only help yourself but you will also make others follow them. Because they are simple and understandable.

I am a diabetic since 19 years on human mixtard insulin since day 1. I keep having stomach upsets and recently i have developed kidney stones as well. These past 4 years been having libido issues. I havent sought medical help for this as yet. Please advise

where I can learn acupressure in New Delhi.

You need not get intensive training on acupressure. What you can do is consult a acupressure doctor take his advise on any ailment. They will teach you few basics to do further treatment. You can also watch few videos of Ramdev Baba.

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