Living with Diabetes in India

Dear Brothern Diabetics,

We are preparing a National Diabetics Directory to submit the Government of India If you are interested please send your details on

Do not worry when you come to know that you are a diabetic. Think Positive, Take Regular exercise, control food, avoid tensions and be friend with the people of all walks of like as much as possible to live longer.

Do not forget to keep the blood usgar ( Fasting & PP) checking. at least once a month.


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44 Replies

  • Whats the purpose of that?

  • The details will be followed soon

  • The Step is appreciable, as this will give an exact population of India suffered with this disease and different types/kinds of diabetes they have. By this proper planning for its remedy by either government or by the diabetic societies can be done. This will certainly help the patients.

    B K Goel

  • We are preparing for a feasible and viable method of getting data.

    You will be updated with all details and format soon!

  • I understand - there are over 69 million diabetics in India - and must be another 15 to 20 million - prediabetics.

  • It is always better to have a representation to inform about the problems faced by the people to the Government.

    Good try.

  • We are doing some tangible works on the same. Will take some time. Will be updated soon- Thanks

  • Should NOT depend on Government -- peopel should take responsibility and take action - do exercise and control diet.

  • What are the details that you require.

  • The electronic format will be sent to you soon. Tiull then By and take care

  • It is a good initiative. at present there are a costly test

    if you do at home even though test in Govt and private

    laboratory are cheap but there are few in our country.

    so please think in this regard

  • We ahve to inform our concern about the increasing expesnes of cure and other things. Working for a feasible and tangible work. You will updated with all details in due course

  • When I inquired two years ago- A1C test in India is so cheap - every one should do it . If there is NO laboratory in your town/village - find one at near by city and then

    have doctor's assistant draw blood and ship to that laboratory.

  • Good initiative. Do you have a format to fill. if not please give the details to be sent

  • Will be sent to you soon

  • It will be lot better - if you have a website - that people can go - sign up and complete online form..

  • good move what details do you require?

  • The electronic data base format will be sent to you soon

  • Pl send the electronic data base.

  • Incomplete offer.Details required

  • Yes, but it is a complete idea. Details will be sent to you soon. Till then take care.

  • Thanks Sir,

    The format and details will be sent to you soon! Till take care for better managemnent of Diabetes

  • Good initiative. But will it serve any purpose. Every seventh man in India is diabetic. So it will be hurculean task.

  • is that be 140 million people ?? I have read about 69 million people are diabetics

    in India

  • Govt if India is already having a initiative on this.

    So why do you want this? Does this have some religious motives?

    Who has authorized you to collect personal medical records/details/info of diabetics?

    Honestly i am not able to figure out your real motive behind this. To me this looks to be having some ulterior motive.

  • If you feel so I am very sorry. We have not been authorised by any Govt. It is an NGO Initiative. I was not aware that you are absolute Government dependent man.

    No Ulterior Motive. No relgious motives. If relgion can reduce diabetes intensity that is also welcome. No ulterior motives, perhaps meaning of Ulterior is vague. Sorry to you

  • Many countries asking for medical records by unauthorized entities is considered illegal. That said GOI is already running some campaign or preparing a national diabetics database from what i ready somewhere.

    I appreciate your sarcasm ... i am not govt dependent man but NGO's aren't also some god sent institution that they are to be believed on face value. Sometime NGO's collect such data and sell it to Pharma industry which then uses it for targeted marketing. After all NGO's need cash to function and wherever there's CASH involved there's a MOTIVE involved ... see how One NGO "Andolan" in India was allegedly funded by the Thermal Power lobby from USA to create all roadblocks against Hydel projects in India and when ENRON went BUST those NGO's went out of Job so changed to Anna Hazarey ... :D

    I think asking for medical records online should be banned here.

  • I have a very strong feeling that this data base will be sold to a medical manufacturing company who are in the business of blood sugar checking instruments or Bp reading instruments. Basically these kind of database is money.

    Moreover what is the advantage of give our medical information to a person or organization when we dont even know what they are going to do with it.


  • All data warehousing efforts are basically a "FUNDED" for "PROFIT" exercise if done by NGO's or private entities. Those who keep a cell phone or landlines number know it very well :)

    Recently i started getting calls from agencies claiming ti be some Govt of India agency collecting verification data for Insurance policy holders. I answer to them that I am PM of India talking so please call my PA for all my insurance policy details and then they hang up :)

    There are FRAUDS everywhere and NGO is best escape route. Read about one such high profile NGo operator:


    Even if they get away with political connections they still are not NGO's honestly. They get funded for "ULTERIOR Motives"

  • Hi pauldaniel

    Its a very good initiative, but it will be only for city based internet savy people only, india is village based country 70% and there are no od diabetic patient they don't know that they have it and dying with it un-knowingly, I request you to think that also.


    Basudev paul


  • Things changing fast - with 3 to 5 years - with satellite system net work- 90 % villages will have access -via wifi ( cell phone ) or Internet.

    Most diabetics - don't die right away--it is a silent killer -- takes even 10 years or more - to see any symptoms of damage - like eyes, kidney,heart etc

  • I do not want to give my medical details unless It will not be misused.

    Pl confirm,



  • i am a retired officer of 64 years having type 2 diabetic since last five years, my wife also aged 62 is having type 2 diabetic since last 7 years. pl send me the formate for the survey. e-mail

  • pl inform details

  • It is True to serve for the country is good but for money sack ? s.r.k. waiting for details and formate

  • I think, it is a good step to co-ordinate the details of diabetic patients all over India . Wish you paul daniel best wishes. I join with you for any help in this regard. Pls inform me in any need.

    Rajagopal.K, W.Kadngallore , Aluva

  • collecting data --will NOT help- there are many therapies and medicine available

    it is up to each person - to take action and control diabetes to prevent complications.

  • I think, it is a good step to co-ordinate the details of diabetic patients all over India . Wish you best wishes. I join with you for any help in this regard. Pls inform me in any need.

    Rajagopal.K, W.Kadngallore , Aluva

  • Yes it is a good initative , giving the personel informations(address, e mail address )is it confidentail , what are the informations required . who is this paul daniel , representing any organization

  • I will wait for the format after its finalisation . Its a yeomans effort !! I applaud this .


  • Good initiative. can you have any format? whether other family members and friends with diabatese also be considered to included in the data collection.


  • good idea. i do agree there should be representation. diab.. is spreading and professionals in the trade are minting money.. suggest followings:

    1)govt. shd give considerable rebate in insulin

    2)doctors must write only salt. They are charging high cnsultationfees , getting commissions from all tests, comm from pharma cos. each and every body knows med rep are always in the cabin of doctors -

    3)tests should be performed by qualified tech. if there or two or three labs(in a distance of

    5-6 min.) fasting varies a lot 185 /230/150

    todays doc are recommending veg. chicken. fish.fruits-nuts - even if you take small quantity

    or try for inexpensive - tell me cheapest prices of veg or dals ( keep in mind - middle class)

  • Please update your picture - can NOT see your face -- also provide full address - where you

    are located -- who will be funding this project ?

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