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Exercise in Diabetes: Part 5

How much exercise should you do?

Choose what you’ll do and make detailed plans. Think about what activities are realistic for you and choose the ones you think you can do. Start slowly. Your activity should be somewhat challenging but not overly difficult. Write down exactly what you’ll do, where and when you’ll do it, how often, and for how long. Allow yourself to get into a routine. Be flexible and don’t get discouraged. For example, I’ll get off the bus one stop earlier. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t. For example, if it’s raining, you may not want to walk outside so you can choose a different activity. It’s more important to reach your long-term goal than to follow the plan from day to day. Plan how you’ll reward yourself for your efforts. For example, some people treat themselves to a movie when they meet their goal for the week.

For minimum 30 minutes and 5 times a week. Do it regularly and increase it as per your body's capacity. Start and end your exercise gradually Increase the intensity and duration of your exercise program gradually. Start at a minimum (good warm up & end with cool down phase-walk with relax pace for 5 min & stretch down arm & legs for 5 min) and build up your stamina gradually over days before going in for your full capacity to achieve the target heart rate. (Health experts recommend exercising 30 min daily to maintain your current weight and 45 to 60 min of daily exercise if your goal is to lose weight. At first, keep your exercise sessions short. Don’t overdo it when you exercise. When exercising you should be able to carry on a conversation without getting out of breath).

The housewives argue that they work whole day in their house so they don't require additional exercise. It is true that they are busy whole day but not getting proper exercise. There fore, they must at least 30 minutes and go out of their home for walking or do any other exercise.


If you experience over strain, sweating, giddiness, and chest pain or short of breath, just stop the exercise and take doctor's advice immediately.

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Recently I read an article on 'Low level aerobic pace ' exercises like trekking for longer periods.It is like taking off on a sunday afternoon to nearby rural surroundings and ambling around for a couple of hours.You get tired but slowly and steadily.Please discuss on this concept.

Your write ups are really helpful.



Doing regular exercise is really good, that will help you in the longer run .


Its great to hear!

If possible kindly give few details and as to how to use.

I do not know as to whether those of products available in these western countries. However, I shall definitely make attempt or shall try when I come to India.

with best regard


I m paralytic left side , spite i try to do some simple exercises. my left hand doesnt work properly.. I am unable to walk more tham one killometr. But I can do some simple exeroces of legs , and bit hands. i do bajraasan nds try to do manmdook aasan.Kindly suggest me some simple exercises. .Ihave crossed 68 years of my life and depend on insuline. suger lalel remains below200pp. i m dibetic for last 27 years


An exercise with stretching exercise for about 30 minutes a day is very good for removing the blood sugar contains in one's Mussels.


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