A peculiar problem-Type2 Diabetes

I have a peculiar problem.

2 hours after my meal my readings are around 220. Thereafter about 3.5 hours after the meal (approx when sugar reading is 200) it rises and rapidly to a reading of approx 400 without my eating anything. From trial and error I have realized that if I quickly eat another meal ( a proper one) the reading goes down to 220 again. What is going on?

My meal is usually a small cup Brown rice with dal, one steamed vegetable and 1 cup curd or butter milk. From an LCHF point of view am I missing something. Is my meal too small. Should I add fats? Most of you mentioned that you eat only 3 meals on LCHF diet.

I have checked this only after my lunch and will soon check it after BF and dinner also.

Presently I am not on any medications except Endoformin SR 1000 at night. I include a cardio workout every day morning for 30 min.

Please advise all you experienced people.

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  • My fasting sugar is between 140-150 and my weight is 54 kg and height is 5.2".

    Triglycerides 146 and Cholestrol 210

  • Your bs levels are pretty high,I will suggest you should stop cardio work out.reasons I will explain some other time. Next thing ,which is advisable is to get your blood tests done at a good lab,and this should include,fbs,ppbs after 2 hours,HBA1C ,c-peptide as well as CRP,lipid profile ( not req. if done recently ) Kidney and liver function tests. Only after analysing result, any thing definite could be suggested.

  • You should immediately contact an endrocinologist.

  • Since nobody has any similar experience in high sugars after the 2 hours mark, I guess I will have to see the doctor. Sorry, I have little respect for Diabetologists as they have failed me. None have suggested low carb, exercise or lifestyle changes. They all believe only in medication. I would have preferred to handle it myself with help from some of you.

    Thanks all of you for your suggestions. Low carb does not suit me as I get giddiness and severe constipation. Presently I am approx 100 gm carb diet with 30 min cardio exercise. Anyone know of a good Diabetologist in Mumbai or a Naturopath who has worked with Diabetes? Do let me know.

  • Fasting blood sugar (FBS) must be less than 100 mg/dL and post-prandial blood sugar (PPBS) -2 hours after taking meals - must be less than 140 mg/dL. Take HbA1c test and consult an endocrinologist.

    Endoformin SR-1000 contains metformin only.






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