A peculiar problem-Type2 Diabetes

I have a peculiar problem.

2 hours after my meal my readings are around 220. Thereafter about 3.5 hours after the meal (approx when sugar reading is 200) it rises and rapidly to a reading of approx 400 without my eating anything. From trial and error I have realized that if I quickly eat another meal ( a proper one) the reading goes down to 220 again. What is going on?

My meal is usually a small cup Brown rice with dal, one steamed vegetable and 1 cup curd or butter milk. From an LCHF point of view am I missing something. Is my meal too small. Should I add fats? Most of you mentioned that you eat only 3 meals on LCHF diet.

I have checked this only after my lunch and will soon check it after BF and dinner also.

Presently I am not on any medications except Endoformin SR 1000 at night. I include a cardio workout every day morning for 30 min.

Please advise all you experienced people.

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  • dear thri,

    your glucose levels are dangerously going very high.

    400 means you are in ketoacidosis level.[above 250 if consistantly]

    but it can be with out acidosis as well.check up in hospital is required for ph etc.only a diabetologist can asses correctly.

    is your fbs is normal?

    dont take seriously that further eating reduces the bs back to 200.

    though that will give a clue to the doctor.it is a good sign and u need not panic.

    if the fbs is below 130, your metformin is working properly.

    in that case 220 ppbs can be handled by low gi foods.

    kindly give your height and weight.

    good luck

  • My fasting sugar is between 140-150 and my weight is 54 kg and height is 5.2".

    Triglycerides 146 and Cholestrol 210

  • thri,

    you have a perfect bmi 21.8 which is ideal.

    your weight is normal.


    as expected the fasting sugar is high, a bit.

    it should be less than 130.

    lchf is not a standard treatment or any such thing accepted by any of the world medical institutions.

    consult a diabetologist for revision of medicines as well as the total amount of food.

    a balanced food containing all components is that is recomended.

    but the food has to be calorie limited.

    these revisions has to be done by a doctor.

    your second eating reducing the bs back to

    220 is a great sign that

    your body is able to produce enough insulin.

    it is not a mistery . it happens in many.

    a revision is anyway necessary.it may be that you require a drug that stimulates for more insulin glimiperide .[the metformin glime combination]

    shifting to low gi foods is something that you can try yourself, with out consulting a doctor.

    low carb diet is recomended only for people who are overweight/ obese.not for you.

    this cardio work out, you may consult patliputra as above.

    good luck

  • Your bs levels are pretty high,I will suggest you should stop cardio work out.reasons I will explain some other time. Next thing ,which is advisable is to get your blood tests done at a good lab,and this should include,fbs,ppbs after 2 hours,HBA1C ,c-peptide as well as CRP,lipid profile ( not req. if done recently ) Kidney and liver function tests. Only after analysing result, any thing definite could be suggested.

  • You should immediately contact an endrocinologist.

  • Since nobody has any similar experience in high sugars after the 2 hours mark, I guess I will have to see the doctor. Sorry, I have little respect for Diabetologists as they have failed me. None have suggested low carb, exercise or lifestyle changes. They all believe only in medication. I would have preferred to handle it myself with help from some of you.

    Thanks all of you for your suggestions. Low carb does not suit me as I get giddiness and severe constipation. Presently I am approx 100 gm carb diet with 30 min cardio exercise. Anyone know of a good Diabetologist in Mumbai or a Naturopath who has worked with Diabetes? Do let me know.

  • Fasting blood sugar (FBS) must be less than 100 mg/dL and post-prandial blood sugar (PPBS) -2 hours after taking meals - must be less than 140 mg/dL. Take HbA1c test and consult an endocrinologist.

    Endoformin SR-1000 contains metformin only.






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