diabetes complications.......Gums and Toothache

Diabetics generally suffer gums and tooth problems.Even those who are not diabetic are also facing these peoblems.A simple and free of cost remedy which I have used after losing 4 teeth and one root canal.when you approach a dentist with these problems,they will prescribe this and that for sometimes,then there are two options, either extraction of tooth or costly root canal.Well, when you go for morning walk(I hope you do),you come across a Neem tree,just stop,pluck four five new leaves(Kopal) alongwith two inch of tender twig(at the end of a twig),put it in your mouth and start chewing,keep the saliva in the mouth till the time your 30 minutes walk is over then either gulp down or spit it out.Do it everyday and very soon you will get rid of all dental problems.If you are using tooth powder(of any kind)apply it with finger, leave it for upto 10 minutes,then brush for not more than one minutes,you can save tooth and money by these simple methods(this is my personal experience).


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  • Yes.It is a good practice to avoid dental problems.I accept it.

  • A water soluble formulation of COQ10 is a correct answer. Tried and tested by USA Air force dentist in CA over 3 months 100%. CURE.

  • sir,what I am suggesting is the cure for dental problems which is free of cost,easily available to all and and without any sideeffect.

  • where is COQ10 available? What is it composed off?

  • Try "qgel" links. It is composed of enzyme present in all human mintochondria and very good for heart. Originally it was isolated from heart muscles about 50 years ago in Japan.

  • Neem should not be taken continuously. After 2-3 months give a break for 2-3 weeks.

    Gargle with turmeric.

    Use sesame il pulling.

    And above all reduce CARB intake.

  • What if neem is not available around?

  • Using neem leaves will definitely be a very good proposition. But now a days it is not available to all in their path of walk in big towns and cities.So request some body to suggest what can be done for these people.

  • I have been doing this practice. But presently I left this. Now After seeing ur comment , I shall start this practice immediately . The value of neem tree is forgotten.

    thanks to ur suggestion


  • Now a days neem is not available to all living in towns and cities. Moreover tender leaves are seasonal and is sold by villagers in market . So it is not free. So request some body to suggest what can be done for these people.


  • I understand that neem trees are not found in big cities.You can get a plant from forest dept nursery and put it in a big flower pot or in your lawn. I myself have a small neem tree in my lawn.Tender leaves are available round the year and you require two three leaves only.

  • A very good herbal treatments for yr gums/teeth

  • Yes this suggestion is very good and I am experienced when I was in North India. Everybody can plant a neem tree in their house. It will grow even in a big flower pot.

  • The suggestion of brushing with neem twig definetly very good practice as this is very old ayurvedic treatment.

  • good advice shall follow

  • I am ex indian navy and ex bank of baroda.I understand that neem trees are not found in big cities.But you can get a plant from forest dept nursery and put it in a big flower pot or in your lawn.Tender leaves are available round the year.I have a small tree in lawn itself.

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