An email asked me to tell something about Diabetes that the world does not know.

I told something like this: "Diabetes is like the termite that eats a book supposedly in safe custody. Termite does not bother whether the book is Bhagavad Geetha, Holy Bible, Constitution of a nation or a work of William Shakespeare.

One will not notice the danger & damage until late or access it.

Likewise for Diabetes, our Kidney, Retina, Brain, Blood Vessels, Feet etc are alike (victim be multimillionaire, VIP or VVIP)!

Hence it is up to us, victims, to safeguard the vital organs from the onslaught of the FIERCE DISEASE."

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  • Latest victim is Sushma swaraj

  • Bet she must be eating High carbs low fat diet under the direction of best experts in the country and all must be telling that 180 to 200 is safe number :)

  • Thanks for alerting us, ShooterGeorge !We diabetic people must take proper care of ourselves.

    However,nothing is permanent in this world!Every one has to lose to gain next!!

  • You're very much right; one can gain crutches only when legs lose usability!!!

  • Thanks!!!!!

    When any body loses life then everything becomes meaningless except he has to gain a new life about which nothing can be predicted.

  • with diabetea no one will lose life, but will lose eyes,kidneys and most often legs one or both .

  • will lose eyes,kidneys and most often legs one or both .

    And then?

  • @bhanjois72,

    Today's mail from ADA says that Diabetes KILLS more Americans than AIDS & Breast Cancer put togetger. If you give me email Id, that mail will be fwdd.

    Your claim may be true with our countrymen.

  • So,what is solution?

  • Are you interested in a solution, @alwaysootimistic?

  • Yes!

    Why not, ShooterGeorge?

  • Some ppl seems to enjoy being Diabetic!

  • May be!

  • Yes, for me Type 2 is a blessing in disguise. It educated me on what's good and what's really bad wrt diet. Many who I know share the same opinion, based on results that they achieved even after 25 years of being diabetic.

  • Would you like to tell me about solution?

  • Yes, ofcourse. Solution is LONG WHEAT DIET.

  • Do you mean LWMDR?

  • :-) I am in receipt of that PM, @always.......... :-)

    My first job would have been with Cabinet Secretariat, GOI, New Delhi, had the appointment order been a bit faster.

  • Which PM, ShooterGeorge ?

    My question is still unanswered!

  • You guessed it right and said it!

    Bye the way how do you manage to get different script as the body of comment and part of the email alert?

  • Thanks!

  • Same thing!

  • My presumption didn't go wrong!

  • Often diabetes is the root cause of loss of life, and the death certificate will record the cause of death as myocardial infarction for example.

  • Well said...

  • Thank you, @gphilip. That comparison came to mind on the spur of the moment.

  • Yes, I feel that you are giving back to the society where you belongs to and few are spreading it beyond the boundaries...

  • @gphilip,

    It is very much heartening to learn that "FEW ARE SPREADING IT BEYOND THE BOUNDARIES ...".

    Thank you! May God Bless you!! I long to see you cured of Diabetes!!!

  • Yeah, under process...progressing well and feeling better and better day by day...Thanks for the blessings!

  • My pleasure, @gphilip.

  • and then probably you will decide that it is useless to remain in this body and will bid goodbye and depart to hell/heaven as per destiny leaving the diabetes totally with the truncated body to be buried deep in the pit..

  • What about re-birth?

  • yes.you can try if such a thing is there in the scheme of God after daparture to hell/heaven as per destiny

  • @bhanjois72,

    After having lived with full faculties for 5, 6, 7 or more decades anyone may find it impossible to cope with a truncated body.

    If one place oneself in that position, there is no doubt that the narration will not be so lite hearted.

  • ShooterGeorge

    Nicely said

    Good comparison

    I will also quote this to other diabetics who are careless

  • Thank you @Shashikantiyengar.

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