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The Secret of Controlling Diabetes with Cinnamon Consumption

Do you know that cinnamon is good for diabetic patients? Yes, you heard it right. While browsing through the net, I came across an article from Newsmax Health, which talked about the topic in detail. The study had also been published in journal of “Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics”. Scroll below to look in details to what the article says.

Cinnamon controlling diabetes:

As per a new study report – It is good for diabetic patients to have cinnamon (1 full spoon) per day for reducing level of blood sugar in them.

The fact came from the study made by researchers at Ball State University. According to their research work – diabetics who have consumed spices with cereal in their breakfast respectively have lessened their levels of blood sugar. The study had been conducted on nearly 30 diabetic patients; some of them being with normal human body weight as per BMI (Body Mass Index) and others being overweight.

About the research done:

The research work began when serving those diabetic patients with cinnamon along with cereal in breakfast. The study has shown levels of blood sugar decreased by nearly 25% as mentioned by “Counsel&Heal”.

As per MedXPress, researchers are of the view, “”Although the amount used in the study – 6 grams or about 2 1/2 teaspoons – was much more than a sprinkle, our subjects found the taste acceptable.”

Further, they added, “Cinnamon can be added to a wide variety of foods. Some ideas include yogurt, iced coffees and teas, fruit smoothies and muffins.”

From the findings, researchers came to conclusion that the quantity of cinnamon being used in research work was only 6 grams or a bit more but it worked on the patients, as they had preferred the taste. Even they said that cinnamon is good to be added in numerous food items some of which are:

•Iced teas/coffees



•Fruit smoothies

Even after the completion of research; they (researchers) want to continue the study further. Since they found good results doing primary research on cinnamon controlling blood sugar levels; they hope to get encouraging outcomes by continuing the research work.

Counsel&Heal also reported that researchers said, “Nearly 80 million American adults have pre-diabetes, a condition characterized by high blood glucose that often leads to diabetes.”

Researchers also stated that their findings had shown about 80 million adults in America are found to have suffered from pre-diabetes. This (Pre-diabetes) is a medical condition, which results in diabetes later on. The problem is diagnosed when higher level of blood glucose is found in a human body.

Summary and learning:

There are lots of things to learn from the article. First of all, the findings of the researchers proved that consumption of cinnamon with regular breakfast could result in positive impacts in diabetic patients. Even you can add cinnamon with other food items for consumption. From now onwards, if you or any of your family members is facing the problem, make sure to give him/her cinnamon regularly with breakfast.

Sources: newsmaxhealth.com, Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

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Separately Methi - Fenugreek, Haldi - Turmeric and now Jeera - Cinnamon are said to reduce BS. Can I use a combination. If so in what proportions Please?


Methi - Fenugreek, Haldi - Turmeric and now Jeera - Cinnamon are said to reduce BS. I assume u r a diabatic type-II. Fenugreek is known to reduce blood sugar levels a bit. I am using fenugreek powder with water daily along with medcines. Why i use fenugreek powder is to improve my bowl movements as it swell several times after entering u r stomach and reduces the food intake and improves bowl movements.At least there is no harm. but don't reduce u r medicines.


During February 2012, for a dental repair I have been asked by Dental Doctor to check up BS before his treatment to be started. I am 60 yrs. male. Never I though that I can have BS because generally I avoid sweet dishes and even tea also I have stopped to consume for long time. Even Sugar disease is not heriditory in my paternal and maternal families. When I have notice that my BS is 188 - 233 I got shocked. My weight was 58 Kg and stomach was 38 inches. I started to consume Cinnamon half teaspone every day morning in empty stomach with mild hot water. Started medicine and walking for 25-30 min. every evening. On my BS checking once in every 15 days it has shown quite normal and now I used to check my BS only once in a month which is also quite normal. Cinnamon will start to show its effect in usage of two months regularly and in three months it will perfectly bring down the level of sugar. Not only it is good for Sugar, It can work against Cancer, Intestinal ulcer, blood purification, finish the cough and chest congestion, control the blood pressure etc. One can check up the medicinal value of Cinnamon in Google search, you will wonder, why you have not started its consumption earlier, so that BS like trouble would not have come to your life. Thanks to the research reports of Cinnamon by Scientists.


Mr. Surya Prakash says cinnamon is good for diabetes. What good is not known.This is totally unacceptable.I am a 20 year type diabatic used cinnamon for more than 6 months hoping to control my sugar levels. It made difference. To start i used along with regular allopathic medicines ,later cinnamon only. The sugar levels showed dangerous levels. There is no benefit exclusively used. Don't believe some body said so or somebody wrote something. Better never anything with out approval of ur doctor. There is no miracle cure.

You have to use the medicines prescribed by ur doctor. Never take any native or other wise medicine without approval of your doctor. the doctor is the best person to advise you.


Totally agrre with Mr.K.S Reddy. You may try with cinnomon along with usual Allopathic drugs but not depend on it No such short cut can do any magical miracle in controlling Diabetes.Prtoper monotoring and follow ups with drugs , diet and exercises are the only ways.Don't believe in hearsay articles.


I came to know before I join in this Health Unlocked a year ago using cinnamon get good results in controlling BS.Now I have been using cinnamon powder in a cup of milk in the morning after breakfast in addition to Glimestar M 1 (Discovery Mankind company) medicine since a year.My BS levels are normal.I walk for 45 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening regularly.


Should cinnamon powder be mixed with honey ? Because honey is a widely used hyperglycemic anyway.


i m a prediabetic 61 yr old. have read about cinnamon n akra(ladyfinnger), karela juice etc. but these r all unproven Nuskhas. Every human has different buildup and medical responses. I don't know how one can recommend any herbal nuskha with certainty. American researchers say something today and revert the same after a few months. We need solid facts tried out on a number of diabetics to recommend with certainty. i would be glad if a diabetologist participate in this.


cinnamon i called dalchinni nd not jeera as some people have said. want to know were they using jeera which hashelped them.


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