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Today is world NO tobacco day.

Please say NO to tobacco smoking and chewing for your own safety and welfare.

Why people are afraid of diabetes?

It makes life more deciplined. Forces one to take care of his health more.

Why do the people with diabetes live longer than non diabetes ?

Any suggestion .
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Why do the people with diabetes live longer than non diabetes ?

Any suggestion .

Urethrus structure

Dear brothers I am 54 years old and problem for frequent urination.Doctors diagn...

Can we talk about atherosclerosis ?

What are the causes and how it is formed. Effects of atherosclerosis on heart, ...

Is hypertension preventable ?

Can any precaution be taken !

Hypertension. Common word and common disease.High blood pressure is hypertension, every body knows that.

The question is what is blood pressure, what is normal BP. How high is hypertens...


Hi im new to this forum I'm a type 1 diabetic diagnosed with Gastroparesis rough...

What causes diabetic neuropathy ?

The causes are different for different types of diabetic neuropathy. Nerve damag...

How to reduce abdominal or belly fat ?

I am not over weight and my BMI is 23. Yet I have belly fat, not much. Does not ...

Is it advisable to use VICTOZA even when blood sugar is fully under control with insulin ?

The victoza, a GLP 1 analogue, liraglutide, is available in injection form. Is i...

How important is HbA1c ?

How it helps in managing diabetes.

Can anybody elaborate what is diabetes?

It will enlighten our knowledge of diabetes. So we can take necessary precaution...

Morning welcome

Good morning.

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