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Feeling weakness and higher FBS ( 150 )

Due diabetes my wt fell from 66 kg to 61 kg. I feel very weak. My FBS is on high...

High glucose levels

Hi everyone been type 2 diabetic for 10 years diet controlled, I do have other h...

Pre Diabetes

My A1C tests have been 6.1-6.4% for the last few times. I check two hours after ...
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Stroke Survivors Views and Experiences with Medicines: Please help us with our research project

We are interested in your experience with your medicines. If you have had a str...


Very recently I was diagnosed sugar but I have a question can unscheduled foodin...

Dangerous Pains On my knee joints

Hi, During the past 7 days I experienced so much pains in my knees, such that I ...

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