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LCHF diet

Hi all.I am almost 52. Diabetic since over 5yrs,take diabetmin (metformin HCL)&D...

Confused with what to eat for diabetes & weight Loss

Hi All Past 2 months I have been reading several articles on low glycemic foods...

High sugar levels

Hello everyone, I have a question I hope you can answer, I haven't been very wel...
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Every night when I go to bed in the we we hour I get very very very dizzy my lef...

Israel Payne

Happy to be here

I am saif

Am Diabetic and keeping under control

Confused about blood test results

Hi, I've been told my blood sugar result is 4.3 and that 4.2 and under is not di...

Blood sugar 😊

Hi everyone I don't know to much about diabetes. I've been feeling light headed...

Sensitive skin to touch

Hi All, I have been experiencing sensitive skin to touch around my stomach and l...

VAT relief

I am planning to have a disabled bathroom installed. I am registered disabled/ch...

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