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What causes diabetic neuropathy ?

The causes are different for different types of diabetic neuropathy. Nerve damage is likely due to combination of factors:-

METABOLIC factors as high blood pressure, long duration of diabetes, abnormal blood fat levels and possible low levels of insulin.

NEUROVASCULAR factors leading to damage to blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients to nerves.


INJURY to nerves.

INHERITED traits that increase susceptibility to nerve disease.

LIFE STYLE factors such as smoking and/ or alcohol use.

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i agree to your analysis.is there any remedy for cramps in the calf muscle of the leg? or medication


Neuritis and cramps are two different things . Cramps are never due to nerve injury. As far as calf muscle cramps are concerned , there are numerous causes . It can occur due to dehydration , fatigue , loss or non absorption of calcium due to Vit D difficiency,loss of magnesium due to repeated vomiting etc.

Cramps can occur any time, during rest or activity or even in pregnancy.

The common remedies includes stretching, hot or cold compression.


Ultra sound radiotherapy ,pain killers and muscle relaxants can also be tried.


If you are having cramps regularly it would be worth speaking to your doctor, we are not medically trained on the forums and can only give details of our experiences for our bodies. What works for me might not work for you. Check with your GP just in case you are deficient in anything which can cause cramps.

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