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Once you have Diabetes you have it for life you can control it really well to st...

can we reverse diabetic ilness,i watch on you tube that we can,anyone have that experisance ??

can we reverse diabetic ilness,i watch on you tube that we can,anyone have that ...

Me again

Hi my blood sugars this morning was 6.2. Took luraglitide and had breakfast of p...
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Diarrhoea on bisoprolol

Hi, new to bisoprolol 5mg for about 5 weeks. Bad diarrhoea and quite frustrated ...

white blood cells

Hi i have been told that i am anemic and white blood cells are low i not losing...

Needle disposal

Hi. My used needle container is nearly full how do I get it replaced


My name is Scott and I hope to find others in the community from NC

Can you recommend testing meter for type 2 diabetic

Hello I’m new.I was diagnosed with type 2 6weeks ago and my head is in a whirl ...


I have fear of the outside happens everyday..lost in my world of not ...

Diabetes and hypertension

Hi I have just joined so I want to say to to everyone. I have been a diabetic fo...


is metformin good to take?

Diabetes Care Devices

Diabetes care devices are used to monitor the level of glucose into a diabetic p...

Diabetes Drugs Market Insights 2019

#DiabetesDrugsMarket Analysis DOWNLOAD FREE SAMPLE:- Diabet...

How best can diabetes be handled Naturally?

I have been seeing diabetes as something that doesn't cause much threat to healt...

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