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Feet angle pain -


I am 70 Yrs. and diabetic taking insulin and blood sugar varies from 7 - 8 on pen prick tests. Now a days I'm getting severe pain in feet-angle and musicale cramps in the morning at bed. Please some can suggest some remedy and what's it called - Thank you

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I don't have an answer for what to take, just what I did. I was in real pain just like you described but decided not to take medication after being diagnosed a couple of weeks ago. It was very hard for me being 75 yrs and 14 st. but I have lost 1 stone already and my feet are no longer hurting and no more cramps. They have a bit of a tingle occasionally and I cannot walk too far but improving, I have a little walk each day as much as I can. My diet is what I am struggling with as I have steel cut porridge for breakfast made with water, couple of berries and cinnamon on top and only 3 meals a day, no snacks. I gave up dairy (apart from eggs) sugar, meat and only have fish on Friday. No coffee as it spikes my BG which I have brought down to below 7, usually around 5 or less, green tea with nothing in it and plenty of water. I hope you get an answer for what to take as I know what I am doing is very, very hard and not for everyone by any means. Love this forum.

Mavoureen, A big "THANK YOU"- 🙏 for the response ! As a man of 70 still moving on my own steam, and a lovely dog to keep company in my walks, I'm grateful to Almighty for the precious life left in me ! I'll control my diet as you described to keep me going - Hope you'll have Good Christmas this year too....... 😍👍

I started with the dairy and found that helped a great deal. Best to start slow and see how your BG goes as we are all different. For me, even black coffee set my spike off but not everyone has that. Lots of good wishes.

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