Newly diagnosed. Keep calm !

Hi, I've just found this group and signed up. I'm 82 and have had diabetes for over 40 years. During that time I've learned a lot about it that I hope may be helpful to others.

As my first message I would say, particularly to the young people recently diagnosed - DON'T PANIC. DON'T WORRY. I'm still here and fully active, and hope to be for a long time yet! If I can do it anyone can. I'm looking forward to some interesting and helpful chats.

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  • Thanks for the word of encouragement. But you the to share your experiences with us on how were able to sustain it without having any complications associated with it.

  • Share your experience

  • Please share your diet plan,medicens,if any,others activities,particularly exercise,etc etc.

  • Are you type 1 or type 2?

  • That is good to know! What exactly have you been doing and taking?

  • We are waiting your response sir.

  • Are you on medication

  • Hi, can you please share your health habits and a word or two about the foods you eat. I can't seem to get under control and have so many other issues, cancer, heart, that I'd like to be able to control what I can. Since so much is beyond my control.

    Thank you

  • Please check out the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation for the free leaflets on A Healthy Diet and Diabetes. You can also check out the Exercise and Diabetes. Go to:

    Hope this helps.

  • When thinking about our health its worth remembering that every living thing on our planet needs to consume other living things in order to survive. Man is the only creature which deliberately kills most of it's food before it eats it. In fact man's physique seems very much like that of a pig in that it can eat just about anything - but that doesn't mean it is doing us any good. Think...just what are you eating.

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