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Should I be concerned about pre diabetes?


Hi Everyone.

My family has a history of diabetes and I'm 34 years old. I just got some labs back that shows my hba1c as normal, but my insulin over the range at 29.35.

I remember having 1 banana about 1.5 hours before the test but nothing else apart from a glass of water. Would a banana spike insulin that high?

I'm sorry I dont know how this all works.

Should I worry at all or run some further tests? I have a full blood panel also if that is of any help. Thank you so much.


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Best to have nothing before a blood test. Bananas are quite high in sugar. Even so, normal blood sugars wouldn't have shown a high reading, I would have thought.

I was told years before being diagnosed to make sure that I didn't let myself drop into the pre-diabetic/diabetic range as my mum and my sister were diabetic. I ignored the warning and at each glucose intolerance test I crept nearer to the dreaded pre-diabetic range and still didn't do anything about. It was too late when I was diagnosed 6 years ago and I've had to pull it back from there.

Anyone with diabetes in their family should take heed because you will have a greater disposition to developing it if you don't do as the doctors say.

HbA1cs now don't need you to fast before a test but I'm not sure if this is once you are diagnosed or in general but if it had been me on my first test I probably wouldn't have had the banana. I'm not sure what you nean by your HbA1c is normal but your insulin range was 29.35 because that is in the normal range according to this chart . I'd go back and have a chat with your GP to clarify it all

Irrespective of whether one is diabetic or not, HbA1c has a value. From that one can make out whether one is diabetic or not.

high insulin is an indicator of insulin resistance however this is usually combined with high HbA1C but your result is normal.

as others - suggest that you talk through the significance of the results and own up to the banana as it could be affecting the results.

Prevention is better than cure. Have you ever heard about doxyva? It is a non-invasive transdermal painless solution; a CO2 therapy which improves microcircultion in our body. I'm using this also and to tell you I'm a diabetic person but if you'll see me, there are no signs of weakness or any symptoms that can conclude that I'm diagnosed with diabetes and that's all because of doxyva. You can search it on the internet for further explanations on how it works. :)

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