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New and need some advice

Hi my name is Kayla, I'm new to this site and would just like some advice on the best diet for diabetics? I'm type 2 and have done a lot of research but can't seem to come up with an answer.

Any advice would be much appreciated, thank you! :)

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Hi Kayla welcome to the site, I am also new. I just wanted to say that the Diabetes nurse at the surgery referred my wife and myself to a program called waistwise it is run by the local health authority. At the initial interview they asked if we wanted to join a group discussion on diets and healthy eating, walking group, swimming or the local gym, we opted for the local gym and are allowed to work at our own pace and pay a nominal fee each time we visit and the course is over a 12 week period, we enjoy it that much we will be joining the gym once the course has finished. The staff gave us a program of exercises to follow and suggested we try to improve on what we do each week.

There is also a book called Carbs & Cals & Protein & Fat which we found very helpful with planning our diet. We got ours from Amazon but IO believe most of the big bookshops have copies for sale.

Good Luck



Hi Brina1, sounds like you got some good advice from your diabetic nurse, as I mention in another comment I'm seeing a dietitian next week so hopefully they will have some kind of similar program. I think it just need a push in the right direction.

Great to hear you want to join the gym sounds like the program has been worth while, I wish you all the luck with it! :)


Hi KaylaRawr

The good thing is I found something that works for me, it may not suit other suffers as we are all different.

Take care and hope your meeting goes well.



Thank you Brina, you too keep up the hard work! :)


First, there is no such thing as a DIABETIC DIET, IT IS A MEDICAL MYTH !!

You need a healthy eating plan to balance what calories you eat to what calories you spend as energy. The key principles are: eat all food groups - carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, protein, veges. Watch out especially with Sugar and Fat (dense calories). Be moderate ( Less of dense calories, slight more of light calories), eat a variety of foods in each food group. 2-3 servings of fruit daily, 3 servings of veges daily, watch out on salt and ensure you are well hydrated. Dense calories e.g. soda should be avoided.

Preferably eat whole grain and go slow on processed foods ( usually high in salt, sugar or fat).

Ultimately you need to see a nutritionist to address you more adequately.


Hi atijals yes I have an appointment with a dietitian next week to talk through my personal needs. I've been reading so much online about what's good and what's bad it's fried my brain!! Haha I've looked at diets like keto I tried it and after 1 day I was so unwell so not sure about that one for me.


I have been a type 2 diabetic, knowing so for the last 33 years. I believe in life style of moderation. The trick is not what you eat but keep a low BMI (ideal weight), exercise and drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Under moderation, avoid fast sugars like candy and not have an abundance of carbs like bread. These are extreme foods and we need to stay in the middle of the food chart. Candy is high spike sugar food and carbs while a slow release can hit the body with the next meal and accumulate to a high spike. Best to eat 4 equal portion meals a day versus a huge meal with a lot of calories. So go to parties, have a drink and eat the spike foods, but these times need to be kept to a minimum. Life to you needs to be moderation. Now if you can get me to practice what I say, I would be very grateful

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Thank you for the advice dwitt you make it sound so easy!! Haha yes just putting it in to practice will be the hard part, but it makes sense have a little of what you enjoy but don't over do it! :)


Thank you for sharing I will have a look :)


2 years on... what did you find out and how have you got on?


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