Advice for keeping healthy in T1 diabetes

My self is chandan adhana i am 34 yrs old software professional and i am suffering T1 from last 7 years and on medication (sitaglptin metformin 50/500)..from last 3 week i am feeling some infection in my urine.

i do moderate level physical exercise ..sometime i am fails to keep sugar level perfect...i am pure vegetarian and stick not to eat sugar ...but around everyday 4 to 5 Pm feels uneasy and tired...advice me for some good diet plan to keep my sugar level perfect ...thanks in advance

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  • possible that the problem may not be diabetes - but could be a B12 deficiency

    I presume when you say that you are pure vegetarian that that probably means you eat very little dairy which would mean your diet probably doesn't contain much B12 -but also metformin is known to inhibit the uptake of B12 in 30-40% of people ... (not entirely sure why it is being used for type 1 as it is usually used for type 2).

    significant overlap of symptoms

    you can find a list of symptoms of B12 deficiency here ... and if you think it is likely I would suggest joinging the PAS forum on health unlocked


  • You need to see your diabetic team because if you are only on sitagliptin and metformin I wonder if your diagnosis of Type 1 is right - sounds like Type 2 to me. As for your diet, you need to make sure that you don't eat too many carbs (don't cut out completely) as these affect your glucose levels.

    I agree that you need to find out about B12 deficiency because I'm on Metformin (I'm T2) and I am now on B12 injections every 12 weeks. So go and see your doctor and get some professional medical advice.

  • ceejayblue is right. For seven years on oral medications, it's difficult to believe that it's a case of Type 1. WRT infection, what's your FBS, PPBS and A1C?

    Take the advice on B12 issue also as many who take MF are B12 deficient.

  • Thanks for your reply anup,cjeeyblue and gambit 62.

    and apologies for typing mistake ..i have T2 nt T1 and my mother also has same.

    my Hb1 Ac was 8.2 last month.. in evening hours tiredness is sustain for 3 hrs ..

  • there are actually more types of diabetes than just type 1 and type 2.

    There is a variant of MODY that runs in my family - and the reference to your mother makes me wonder if this might be relevant to you - 2% of diabetics actually have a MODY variant but are frequently classed as type 2 - MODY is a dominant gene which means that if you have the gene then you will develop diabetes so it is useful to know - so if there is a general family history going back through generations then I'd suggest getting it checked out - the variant that runs in my family is late onset - between 30 and 45 and is closer to type 1 so responds to different drugs from type 1 - another good reason for looking into it.

    I didn't inherit the gene - just got B12 absorption problems from my father ... my brother drew the short straw on both counts though. Please do follow up on the B12 deficiency angle. Left untreated a B12 deficiency will kill you as surely as untreated diabetes will.

  • very informative advise from Gambit62..

    thanks for update me .

  • There is a national study going on into genetics of diabetes - its called The DARE study (Diabetes alliance for research in England) - if you are in Greater Manchester Area have a look at if not then check with your diabetes team and ask if you local hospital are doing DARE

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